Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sweet tights to liven up your outfit!

Winter is here, that means its time for tights again. While some women dread this time of year, I find myself looking forward to this time of year. I like fun tights, and I love thick tights with sweater dresses and boots, its cozy and it looks adorable!

If you haven't yet heard of Sculptz tights, you're about to.  Its a line of Silkies tights that are made with shape panels to help get you looking you're best under that dress! Not only are they high quality tights with adorable prints, but they have special shaping panels that help to get you're body looking great under that dress! Designed to slim you're hips and thighs, lift your rear and flatten your tummy these make tights a must have.

The first thing I noticed about the tights were how thick they were, I come from a time when runs in your stockings were cool (at least I thought they were.... they really were never cool)  But the Silkies tights were nice and thick, they were made very well and actually stayed without a run for my ENTIRE day! This was pretty much impossible for me till these tights came along. 

The other great feature of the tights was the tummy panel, I love wearing figure hugging dresses, because I'm pretty thin, but even my skinny belly can get a bit of a 'pot' as we like to call it. And there is nothing more unflattering then having a bulge in the front of you're skin tight dress....

I loved the designs of the tights too.  I was sent two pairs of the tights the Paisley Shaping Tights

Go to the site for a close up, these tights are SO detailed! I loved wearing them not only because they called attention to my legs......who doesn't love that, but also because when I was bored.... I could enjoy the psychedelic paisley on my legs......

I was also sent the Animal-Print shaping tights, just in time for Halloween! Although I've broken them out twice already, in case you haven't noticed, animal print is HUGE this year! Its being worn by almost every celebrity, and it looks great on everyone. If you're not brave enough to go all out leopard or zebra, these tights are a FANTASTIC way to bring the animal trend to the everyday wardrobe.

I think that these tights are brilliant, they almost remind me of a fishnet but smaller holes (go to the site so that you can get a super closeup of them) They would be fantastic to wear to the office or out to diner.

The Animal-Print and the Paisley Tights retail for just $15 a pair!

Silkies offers some great tights other then these two styles, the Cashmere Tights would be a perfect addition to a fall wardrobe, warm and cozy. They're only $35 a pair! They also have footless, and toe-less tights for those of us who like to let our toes peek.

Head on over to Silkies and check out all the great styles, designs and deals they have to offer!

I received two free pairs of Sculptz by Silkies tights for this review. All opinions are  100% mine. I did not receive any cash payments for this review.

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  1. Ooooh! These look awesome! Just what I am on the look out for!. Thanks for sharing!