Friday, January 20, 2012

Work Is Something

Guest post written by my buddy Royce Heath
Work is something I love to do, not do something I have to do, but I think part of the reason is because I love my job. I know not many people feel this way about going into the office but I guess I'm just one of those lucky ones who found the right position at the right time for the right price. The only thing I don't really like about my job is a lot of my coworkers… They don't really seem to understand professional boundaries when it comes to e-mailing or calling me at home. I spent a lot of time in the office but when I leave I expect to be left alone until I come back the next day but for whatever reason as soon as I get home my phone is almost always ringing off the hook. I recently got clear wire wimaxand I was a terrible decision because now I'm e-mailing with my colleagues all night long instead of spending time with my husband and children!

Monday, January 9, 2012

How Do You Feed a Hungry Giant?

As a mama that loves to cook, I feel blessed that I have a mini-me who shares my kitchen enthusiasm.

When we received How Do You Feed a Hungry Giant  written by  Caitlin Friedman and illustrated by Shaw Nielsen. Both ladies of the kitchen were excited

First it was fun to see all the ways that the boy in the story tries to feed the Hungry Giant that he finds outside his door, making the book even more fun are plenty pull tabs and doors and windows to open and look through, that keep even straying eyes focused on the book!

We also really appreciated the recipes that went along with the book. Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies are always lots of fun and we are excited to try more of the giant recipes from the book! 

A sure winner in every house How Do You Feed A Hungry Giant  is sure to impress!

I received a free copy of  How Do You Feed A Hungry Giant for this review. All opinions are  !00% mine. I did not receive any monetary payments for this review. 

Kidz SuperFood

I'll admit it, my baby who once ate everything in her eyesight, is not so good about eating her greens anymore, add that in with a mama who simply doesn't have the time to crank out a green smoothie every morning and you have my frustration.

How do I get my two year old to eat everything that she needs?

There was a time when I had all the time in the world to puree foods into other foods and hide the goodies, but my time (and my food processor) have been a bit inaccessible lately which is why I was happy to try  

This product from Amazing Grass, is like chocolate milk that is GOOD for your little one (no actually good for them, not like what you tell yourself when the little one is downing chocolate syrup and some milk)

Its a green drink in the form of a powder which is tasty and makes your kids want to eat......err drink their greens! 

Each serving contains 3 servings of fruits and vegetables but only 1 gram of sugar! 
(already we are beating that chocolate milk)
And its non-dairy, non-gluten, non-caffeinated, non-GMO and VEGAN!

I love it as a before school meal since my little one isn't the best about breakfast, its very easy to persuade her with the word 'chocolate'

So give Kids SuperFood from Amazing Grass a try! Its only $24.99 on sale now for 30 servings! Less then a dollar a day! 

I received a free trial of Kids SuperFood from Amazing Grass for this review. All opinions are 100% mine. I did not receiveD any monetary payments for this review.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Start the New Year Healthy with Sun Ridge Farms!

If one of your New Years Resolutions is to stay healthy this year then you should give Sun Ridge Farms a try. 

A company based out of Santa Cruz California (an area where I have recently discovered makes some super yummy and nutritious foods)  Sun Ridge Farms is a company with products that are not only delightful for your taste-buds, but good for you and easy on your wallet!

I'll be honest and tell you that the first thing I devoured from the box of goodies was the Dark Chocolate Almonds, the only part of that that I regret was that so few were left after I finished! Made with all natural dark chocolate, a personal favorite of mine. I was happy to enjoy a good 2/3 of the bag.

The Tamari Roasted Mixed Nuts are the perfect snack to bring along on a hike or for a long car trip. Different then the usual salted variety of nuts, Cashews, Almonds, Peanuts, Sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds are coated in Tamari adds a taste that is less harsh then salt. Everyone in the family enjoyed these!

Finally I gave the Organic Nutcracker Crunch a try, Its a delightful Asian inspired trail mix. Which like the Tamari Roasted Nuts, is a great surprise from the usual trail mix of cashews, Chex-mix and m&m's. I loved the Sesame sticks and really felt a boost of energy. It was a great selection when I brought it as a snack for a full day of giving chair massage!  Just a handful between every few massages and I was able to keep sustained through out the day.

I really enjoy the way SunRidge Farms has been able to bring such modern twists to such classic snacks. All the above snacks cost under $5 which make them a great choice when you're low on cash or in a hurry!

So next time that you're stocking up on snacks head on over to the SunRidge Farm site and see if there is a retailer near you, or order some straight from their site!

I received a free box of products from SunRidge Farms for this review. All opinions are 100% mine. I did not receive any monetary payment for this review.