Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Continuing my Education

So I've decided on continuing my education.
Not that I don't love the wonderful world of massage therapy.
(Note still working on getting up the cash to get my licnese)

Since I graduated from massage school I wanted to continue my education to a further massage career. 
Unfortuntely my daughter's father made that almost impossible with his refusal to watch my daughter over the summer while I went to school because he wanted to pursue other things

So now I'm left with the prediciment of how to pay for school when my job hardly pays and I can't get financial aid for the program that I am looking into.

The program that I am looking into is for Oncology massage, which is basically massage for cancer patients.

Oncology massage is a hard job, you loose a lot of clients because you are giving them caring touch on thier death beds. Or you are helping them recover from a very tough time in thier lives.

I first learned about oncology massage from one of my teachers at the National Holistic Institute, She was one of the most motivational people at the school and I would be happy to accomplish only a third of what she accomplished in her life.

I want to be able to help people going through cancer, my teacher explained to me that when she had cancer only her massage therapist touched her and didn't cause pain. I want to be able to help people that are going through a life where pain is the only thing they feel, until they see a therapist. 

I would love to open up a center for affordable massage care, a place that not only has places for massage but has healthy food and snacks that help the body heal. Of course this would not be limited to cancer patients, but also for any person who needs a bit of love and healing in thier lives.

My first step to reaching this goal is to continue my schooling at the Oncology Program.

I have opened up a paypal account so that I can pay for this school, I really hope that you will consider donating to my cause so that I can meet my goal of  $800 ($700 for the school and $100 for books and materials)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Topricin... it works

When it comes to anything in my home, I try to go the natural route, there are so many problems that we know about (and of course there are the ones that we don't know yet about... scary)

Topricin is a medication that does just that. Introduced to the world in 1995, Lou Paradise, created a homeopathic pain relief and healing cream that is safe for the entire family. Because I now have a toddler, I am much more aware of the products that I put on my body, also since I went through massage school, I have learned that much of the products that we use contain preservatives or chemicals that if not harmful for us, are mostly useless so we are paying for product that isn't really doing anything except taking up space.

With ingredients like Arnica, Calendula, and Belladonna; the healing properties of Topricin are easy to see, these are all herbs and plants that I use and recommend separately to my clients when they are injured, so I have faith that they work well in a combination. Topricin has  11 homeopathic medicines, compare that to the five inactive ingredients, Topricin obviously gives you you're money's worth.

Topricin Kids features 14 homeopatic medications!

Topricin works with your body to help it heal the problems; it helps to balance your healing chemicals, and get them to work on you body! Its fast, lasting, and its not going to have harsh or strange side effects.

Topricin is regulated by the FDA and was recently recognized for treatment of pain associated with Fibromyalgia!

Topricin Junior, has received the Parent Tested Parent Seal of Approval, so its recognized as a great product for kids!

So now that we know Topricin really cares about the world and its obviously a great product to put your money into, lets talk about how it works.

Lou Paradise suffered from bilateral Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, due to injuries that he suffered while serving as a Marine. While Lou had been in the Military he had gained knowledge from British and Traditonal MD's trained in the fields of traditional natural medicines. He experimented and eventually came up with the formula for Topricin! In 1994 Topricin was introduced to the world and in 2009 Topricin introduced the foot and children's formulas!

To use Topricin you simply rub it on to the area where you are having pain. Then you  will start to experience some pain relief in 15-20 minutes. The cream should be reapplied three to four times a day especially before bed and first thing in the morning. You can also rub it on every half hour for severe pain until it goes away. I found that it helps a lot with my back pains that I get during my period.

Topricin is safe for everyone, Diabetics, Children (although most pediatricians recommend the Junior formula for children) seniors, and it doesn't have any reactions to other medications!
Always check with a doctor before trying new self treatments when on medications or pregnant

Since I first started using Topricin about a year ago, you can always find it in my purse, from my experience it works, I use it before and after I start typing at a computer for a day, and I use it whenever my daughter complains of a pain that I attribute to a bruise or growing pain.

Topricin doesn't require a prescription (although your doctor may recommend it)

Topricin is a great treatment and it is proven to work, its a wonderful addition to any homeopathic first-aide kit, and will be on hand for my kids bumps and bruises that are sure to occur as school kicks into full gear!

For a limited time you can try Topricin and share it with friends for just one penny (plus $5.95 shipping and handling) you can get a Topricin Kids "Care and Share" package! Which includes a 1.5oz tube of Topricin as well as 15 sample size packets to share with friends. A regular tube retails for $12.99, this is a great opportunity to try out Topricin.  To find out more or get this deal for yourself check out http://www.topricin.com/product/kidscareandshare/h

Check out Topricin at their website

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You can win yourself a Topricin Kids "Care and Share" package!
To win simply visit the Topricin Website and leave a comment below telling me something you learned about Topricin or about a Topricin product you'd like to try!

Contest ends November 11 2012 midnight
One entry per reader
please include your email with your entry
winner will be emailed and given 48 hours to respond, if the winner does not respond within 48 hours a new winner will be chosen

I received a free Topricin "Share and Care" package for this review. I did not receive any cash payment for this review, all opinions are my own


Monday, October 1, 2012

Talking politics with kids

Talking Politics....With Kids

While you may want to avoid talking politics in social settings, the same is not true at home.  In fact, children are witnesses to our most honest opinions on most matters, including politics.   As parents, you are responsible for introducing the idea of politics and debate to your children, and launching their personal journey toward being part of the democratic process.  No small task.

How can parents help their children to understand the importance of politics and debate while reassuring them that they're safe?

According to Claire Haas, vice president of education, Kiddie Academy (www.kiddieacademy.com), "The key to making sense of the election is explaining politics in a way that a child can understand and digest.  In fact, parents shouldn't miss this great opportunity to teach their families about expressing and respecting differing opinions."

Claire offers the following tips and election-related activities for children:

Have a Party: Encourage your child to create their own mock political party. They can decide on their platform, create a symbol and even debate siblings or friends on the merits of their party.  Perhaps the winner gets to choose the next movie to see or meals for a week.

Vote on it: Macaroni & cheese or tacos for dinner? Create a mock voting booth and ballots for each member of the family. When all the votes have been cast, tally the results and talk about the process and how it relates to choosing a president. 

Dinnertime Debate:  Give each member of the family 2 minutes over dinner to discuss why they prefer one candidate over the other.  Be sure to include younger children - it may result in some unique perspectives.  Children can practice important life skills, including active listening,  respect for others and taking turns.  

Provide Age-Appropriate Answers:  Younger children may simply want to know what an election means, in the most basic terms.  Older kids will likely want more details.  

Explain Yourself:  Particularly if you are passionate about the candidate you prefer, take the time to explain why.   Defend your position, and what you like or don't like about each candidate.  Encourage your kids to ask questions or choose a candidate they prefer, even if it's not the same as your own choice.

Write a Letter:  Whether electronic or old-school ink and paper, writing a letter to a politician is a great way to demonstrate the democratic process, and the importance of sharing opinions.  In an election year, it's likely your child will get a response.  

Here are the addresses:

President Barack Obama, The White House,1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500  (Link to email form:http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/submit-questions-and-comments)

Romney for President, PO Box 149756, Boston, MA 02114-9756 (LInk to email form:http://www.mittromney.com/forms/suggestions)

You can also find your local representatives by starting at www.(your state).gov.

To download more tips and ideas for introducing politics to children, parents can visit the Kiddie Academy Family Essentials blog at www.kafamilyessentials.com-----------------------------------------------------------------

Morning Rambling

Last night I rearranged my room, following some Feung Shui advice I had received in the past, I face my bed do that my feet were no longer facing the door, I made the 'poison corners' less cornerish and at the advice of a past doctor, I hung prayer flags at on any window facing a road (every side of my room) there is now not only more space but there is a 'flow' to the room; it's hard to say exactly how the flow is better, or why it's like that, but I felt inspired this morning to do things.

I'm struggling a bit right now, it's no fun when your three year old asks you to go get money, especially when you have none. Yet, I feel happier now, I feel better then I did living out West with ample money and time. Here I feel needed, I feel I have things to do I feel like a normal person.

A lot of my time is spent in my head, tryin to figure out what I'm supposed to be doing, my life is a big mix of my daughter, music, massage, work, and trying to find work. As well as trying to keep food on the shelves of my house.

But I'm confident it will all work out, in the end I believe that everything happens for a reason, sometimes the reasons aren't so easy to see.

I've been considering putting my little one into modeling, she doesn't take a ba picture and with ky current finances, I'm not else how else we'll get her ini college. It's a scary thought I don't want a little Lindsey Lohan on my hands; but this face she's got had potential and I don't want to waste it!