Monday, October 1, 2012

Morning Rambling

Last night I rearranged my room, following some Feung Shui advice I had received in the past, I face my bed do that my feet were no longer facing the door, I made the 'poison corners' less cornerish and at the advice of a past doctor, I hung prayer flags at on any window facing a road (every side of my room) there is now not only more space but there is a 'flow' to the room; it's hard to say exactly how the flow is better, or why it's like that, but I felt inspired this morning to do things.

I'm struggling a bit right now, it's no fun when your three year old asks you to go get money, especially when you have none. Yet, I feel happier now, I feel better then I did living out West with ample money and time. Here I feel needed, I feel I have things to do I feel like a normal person.

A lot of my time is spent in my head, tryin to figure out what I'm supposed to be doing, my life is a big mix of my daughter, music, massage, work, and trying to find work. As well as trying to keep food on the shelves of my house.

But I'm confident it will all work out, in the end I believe that everything happens for a reason, sometimes the reasons aren't so easy to see.

I've been considering putting my little one into modeling, she doesn't take a ba picture and with ky current finances, I'm not else how else we'll get her ini college. It's a scary thought I don't want a little Lindsey Lohan on my hands; but this face she's got had potential and I don't want to waste it!

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