Monday, April 21, 2014

Baby Steps

Its all once again new.

As a single mom, we deal with this a lot. Things fall apart and we as always hold them together again.
Its something we have to be able to do or we would never survive the adventure that is being a single parent.

Last week was a tough one, lost a wallet and a phone right in the middle of a two week long trip. Which made it impossible for me to get a hotel for my little one (Fuck you la Quinta, for not accepting a cash deposit when they already  had my credit card on file, me and my 4  year old really appreciate your kindness upon loosing my wallet and  having no place to stay for the night)

We did of course find a close friend with a hotel nearby who let us stay there till we figured it out. 

I came to the realization (again) that I can handle things past what I think I can. That things always fall into place as they are needed to be. And sometimes it takes a bit of force and bitchiness to get to where you need to be. (Thanks to the Hilton for understanding and not only helping us get a room without a credit card or cash deposit but for having an amazing pool area and delicious room service, also thanks to Hertz rental car for the extension on the car even though my credit card was canceled)

I thank goodness for the good businesses that I encountered along this trip and it encouraged me to get back into blogging. Its been a long time but I am excited to say that I am back  up on a computer again and once again have the time and energy to get back into blogging! 

After all its spring again and I have moved into a wonderful house with a backyard and lots of spots for decorating inspiration, I'll be taking you through some rooms, Sharing some recipes and of course sharing my experiences with places and products along the way.!