Friday, November 8, 2013

Surgeons describe new ligament in the human knee

Surgeons describe new ligament in the human knee

Could your repeated pivot-shift episodes after surgery to repair the ACL ligament be caused by an injury to the newly discovered ALL (anterolateral ligament)

We are discovering new things about our bodies everyday!

Changing Careers

Well Everyone I did it!

I've graduated from massage school and I've dove headfirst into the world of massage

Blogging took a break!

But I'm switching my blog to one more based on massage and holistic living!

come check us out!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Back to Front and Upside Down

That's right, I've found another wonderful children's book to share with your kids, I especially like this one because its appropriate for many ages, teaching a lesson that we all too often forget about!

Stan's whole class is excited to hear that they will be attending a birthday party for the school Principal!  Their teacher Miss Catnip tells all the students that they will make cards for the principal. 

Everyone is excited and looking forward to making the cards for the Principal, but not Stan. His letters always turn out back to front and upside down..

Embarrassed and unsure of how to fix his writing, Stan worries himself into crying at recess, but then a few friends give him the idea to ask for help! 

When Stan asks for help, nobody laughs at him like he thought they might, in fact other students ask Miss Catnip for help too!

Stan catches on just in time to prepare a beautiful card for the Principal and he feels much better about asking for help next time.

I loved this book, as kids (and even as adults) we sometimes get embarrassed or afraid to ask for help,  especially in front of our classmates or other people. This book helps kids realize that not only is it a good thing to ask for help, but sometimes we even help others out who were too afraid to ask. 

The book is filled with colorful illustrations and it really catches the eye of young kids, appropriate for many ages, this story is one that will be not only fun but an insightful book for kids to read.

Written and Illustrated by Claire Alexander, this book is one that I am glad I got to take home

You can find copies of  Back to Front and Upside Down at
Monte Cristo Bookshop
13 Washington Street
New London, CT 06382

or at