Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Continuing my Education

So I've decided on continuing my education.
Not that I don't love the wonderful world of massage therapy.
(Note still working on getting up the cash to get my licnese)

Since I graduated from massage school I wanted to continue my education to a further massage career. 
Unfortuntely my daughter's father made that almost impossible with his refusal to watch my daughter over the summer while I went to school because he wanted to pursue other things

So now I'm left with the prediciment of how to pay for school when my job hardly pays and I can't get financial aid for the program that I am looking into.

The program that I am looking into is for Oncology massage, which is basically massage for cancer patients.

Oncology massage is a hard job, you loose a lot of clients because you are giving them caring touch on thier death beds. Or you are helping them recover from a very tough time in thier lives.

I first learned about oncology massage from one of my teachers at the National Holistic Institute, She was one of the most motivational people at the school and I would be happy to accomplish only a third of what she accomplished in her life.

I want to be able to help people going through cancer, my teacher explained to me that when she had cancer only her massage therapist touched her and didn't cause pain. I want to be able to help people that are going through a life where pain is the only thing they feel, until they see a therapist. 

I would love to open up a center for affordable massage care, a place that not only has places for massage but has healthy food and snacks that help the body heal. Of course this would not be limited to cancer patients, but also for any person who needs a bit of love and healing in thier lives.

My first step to reaching this goal is to continue my schooling at the Oncology Program.

I have opened up a paypal account so that I can pay for this school, I really hope that you will consider donating to my cause so that I can meet my goal of  $800 ($700 for the school and $100 for books and materials)

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