Saturday, October 15, 2011

Keep your kid Curious!

If you have a child like mine, than animals are big in your household. We love cats, monkeys, horses, donkey's pretty anything that isn't human.

When I opened up Curious Critters by David Fitzsimmons, bella-boo's reaction was expected.

"you got me my ANIMAL book mommy?!"

While I haven't actually got a chance to read the book to her yet, she has read it to me about four times a day, The pictures in the book are beautiful, big and true to life.

Now I did get a chance to look through the book myself and I think that if Bella-boo could get over the pictures, I think she would really like meeting all these animals. The Ohio Crayfish has a bit of an attitude, while the Eastern Screech Owl is a bit sleepy from hunting all night.

This group of eccentric critters will get you're little one excited about animals  (that is if they aren't already)  While teaching them their habits and other facts.

And for those mamas who aren't too fond of creepy crawlies and flying rodents. Don't fear they're trapped on the pages of this book and they even look kind of cute.

This book will entertain kids for a long time, its a book they can grow with.

To find more about Curious Critters be sure to check out the website at

 I received a free copy of "Curious Critters" for this review. All opinions are  100% mine I did not receive any cash payments for this review.

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