Friday, October 28, 2011


Content by Kyle Lowe

Sometimes, while we’re eating dinner in front of the TV (uh, not that we do that all the time or anything), my husband and I will watch Jeopardy. This is a really bad idea, for a multitude of reasons. Reason one—my husband and I are fiercely competitive. And by 'fiercely competitive,' I mean that a game of Jenga is likely to turn into a full-on divorce discussion. It is bad. Our friends won’t come over for Game Night anymore, and I don’t blame them. Reason two—Jeopardy makes me feel really, really dumb. Alex Trebeck doesn’t help matters any. He’s so smug. Yeah, Alex, it is really difficult to know the correct answer when you are holding a card with the correct answer on it. Sorry, I digress. Anyway. Back to Jeopardy making me feel dumb. Have you seen the week where they will showcase college students? And you assume the questions will be easier? I can’t answer half of them. The other day I was checking out the Guide on my and I saw that the Jeopardy that week was a High School edition. Finally! I most definitely know more than kids in high school! Right? No. Friends, it was ugly. I mean really ugly. I had a good handle on most of the $100-$200 questions. Once we got past that, I felt like I lacked basic brain fuction. I’ve since banned Jeopardy in my house. I feel dumb enough as it is.

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