Saturday, October 15, 2011

150 Best Slow Cooker Recipes

  I just started massage therapy school in September, and to say that I've been getting behind on work and my house is a bit of an understatement.

My slow cooker was something that was rarely used around here, aside from pulled pork and beef stew, there wasn't too much I knew how to create in the slow cooker. I had thought that slow cooker meals for the most part.... boring

Well that was until I received the 150 Best Slow Cooker Recipes not only has it given my once dusty slow cooker a new outlook on life. But it has saved me hours of valuable time in the kitchen and provided for some delicious meals in the process.

Here's how I do it, I pick a  few recipes in the book, hopefully with a few of the same veggies so I don't have to go to the store too often. I pick a recipe the night before school and then fill up my slow cooker with the ingredients, stick it in the refrigerator and then in the morning wake up, put the slow cooker bowl back into the heater, and turn it on.

By the time I'm home from school in the afternoon, my home smells like whatever amazing ingredients I've used and I have a home cooked meal made with fresh ingredients that I can feed to my daughter! And only a few dishes to clean up!

So I know that you are fishing for some sample recipes that I've tried out so lets indulge:

  • Chicken 'n' Dumplings
  • Short Ribs Braised in Spicy Black Bean Sauce
  • Spanish Style Fish Stew
  • Slow Cooked Polenta
  • Crunchy Almond Creme Caramel (made with potatoes)
So there are a few of the recipes that I tried, no complaints with any!

For just 24.95 this book is hard to pass up!

I recievd a free copy of "150 Best Slow Cooker Recipes" for this review. All opinions are 100% mine. I did not receive any cash payments for this review. 

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