Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Every Man Jack

If you are lucky enough to have a hard working man in your life, you no doubt are familiar with the 'essence' that sometimes can surround them after a hard day's work.

In the past I would buy him Old Spice, I mean, it smells like a grandpa, its cheap.. and lets be honest it works on even the strongest sti---errr 'essence'

But the ingredients are less then acceptable on conventional aftershaves and colognes for men. It seems (or at least to me anyways) that if men care about how they smell, for the most part they have to forego body washes and shave creams that are also good for the environment unless they want to spend a fortune (and we don't)

I was more then excited to receive a sample of Every Man Jack to try out with my daughter's father. I finally don't have to feel guilty that he's the only person in the family without a natural beauty regime.

First of all let me talk about the scents, soo manly..

They smell the way a man should smell, take the cedar-wood scent for example, its so deep and herbal, with hints of rosemary and sage. I LOVE this smell, I have been caught a few times nose to the bottle of body wash.. ahh

I like how the body bars are designed to also to massage while you scrub. 

The body wash also went over better then expected, I bought a long handled scrub brush and I must say that the Daddy in the house has been scrubbing away and taking much longer in the shower then normal, and smelling Oh so good.

There is even a men's face lotion, which I still haven't really gotten Daddy to use daily, I think the concept is a bit new for him, but I tried out the lotion and really liked it, it was light so it didn't seem like it would clog pores (which can lead to bumps)

There is even a 15 SPF lip balm designed for men.

If you have decided to green you're husband's routine, Every Man Jack is the way to go, not only is it good for everybody involved but its AFFORDABLE! Prices range from $6-$8 and you can find it at Target, While Foods,  Bed Bath and Beyond and other retailers, check out this page
 for more places to get Every Man Jack

I received a selection of Every Man Jack products for this review, all opinions are 100% mine I did not receive any cash payment for this review.

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