Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Real Mom's LOVE to eat!

Are you a foodie mom? 

Do you think that grocery shopping is just about the best thing ever? 

Does the local Italian Restaurant see you often for appetizers and a glass of Chianti when you get out of work early?

Well then let me introduce you to the book  'Real Mom's Love to Eat'  Its a practical approcach to learning how to gradually eat whole foods, and get into a healthier diet rather then forcing yourself to stick to harsh diets that just don't fit into your lifestyle, or diets where the food is just plain awful!

The book has a plan for healthy eating, that allows you to learn about food and how it effects your body.  It helps you lose weight in a healthy and sustainable maner rather then just being another fad diet where we max out on protein or eliminate carbohydrates (I mean seriously how long can someone go without a baguette?

You can also sign up to be a food affairiate where you'll have the opportunity to tell other people about this wonderful book,  and a chance to win great prizes! 

For more information about 'Real Moms Love to Eat' you can visit the website at 

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