Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Classic song turned children's book

If you're a fan of Bob Dylan (or just music in general) You have no doubt heard his song Blowin' In the Wind. 

Now the words to the song come to life in a beautifully illustrated children's book. 

The book Blowin' In the Wind  was illustrated by Jon J Muth. 

Jon brings the story to life the way in the way that he though about it as a child. Follow a paper airplane through the story, as a child Jon imagined that the 'answer' was written on this airplane, blowing in the wind. 

The illustrations are whimsical, and the book is timeless. It even comes with a copy of Bob Dylan's original recording of Blowin' In the Wind which everyone in the family has enjoyed listening too.

This book also makes a great coffee table book. I have been leaving it out on the coffee table and everyone seems to really enjoy Jon J Muth's depiction of the song!

The book is wonderful, and Annabella has loved looking at all the pictures and following along to the cd. I'm glad to be able to introduce her to such a wonderful artist at such a young age!

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