Friday, October 7, 2011

Good Morning face care!

When I wake up in the morning I need something refreshing.

I wash my face and then use toner, the new "Jason C-Effects Pure Natural toner" is a great way to start to day. Smelling like fresh oranges, and cleaning out pores, its skin care and a wake up call packed in one.

The Jason Line actually comes highly recommended to me, I was told about it about two years ago by a esthetician at a spa that I went to. The esthetician told me that I needed more then just soap and water to clean my face.  That my face needed more balance then just soap could provide. She told me that the Jason line was a great line, and that the Vitamin C was really good for problem skin, and getting rid of excess skin cells.

I've also recently learned (thanks to my informational sheet from Jason) that Esther-C (which is in the Jason Toner) is an antioxidant that stimulates collegen production!! (less wrinkles)

I'll be honest I hadn't really ever tried it, even though she had told me that the line was inexpensive, I had figured how inexpensive could a line recommended by an esthetician at a high end spa really be?

When I was sent the Jason Toner I was excited to give it a try, the same esthetician had told me that toner was pretty much the most important thing (next to cleanser and moisturizer) that we put on our faces. Toner really helps to balance the PH of our faces, helping our faces not react to changes in heat, weather, hormones ect.

I tried it and hey, I like it!

First I love that its a spray toner, I feel like much less toner gets wasted when its designed this way,

Next, I love how it feels and smells so early in the morning.

Price you're all wondering? Just $9.95 for 6oz! That's a lot of toner, and as I said with a spray top you waste MUCH less toner then with one where you pour it out.

To try Jason C-Effects Pure Natural Super-C Toner for yourself, check out the Jason website at

I received a free bottle of Jason C-Effects Toner for this Review. All opinions are 100% mine. I did not receive any cash payment for this review.

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