Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Find the Cheapest Prices on Toys!

Its almost time for Christmas Shopping

And since I tend to stay in the Christmas spirit till ohh about December, I have decided this year to get all my Christmas shopping out of the way early this year! 

For the most part I try to shop local but I have to say that because in past years I have been disappointed with a few local toy stores and their return policies on toys with slight tears in the boxes,and because Toys-R-Us is hardly what I consider local... I have decided to do a portion of it online.

Shopping online however can be time consuming and frustrating especially if you are looking for the best deals, nothing sucks worse then finding a better deal a few minutes after you already purchased the item!

So for Kids Games this year I'm trying out Comparison Shopper,  the site has everything from Melissa and Doug toys to Stuffed animals, to action figures!

Simply click on the toy that you're looking at and then see prices for the toy! It even lets you know which sites charge shipping and handling, which sites have return policies and more information that you want to know, without having to open up six separate tabs in your browser!

So save time, money, and frustrations by giving Comparison Shopper a try!

This is a paid advertisemsent  for Comparison Shopper. All opinions are 100% mine 

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