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Straight-Talk 2 an affordable Cell phone for all

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I'm pretty sure that all of us have accepted that a cell phone these days is a necessity. The only people I know without cell phones, are probably too young to call anybody on them.  At times I'm even surprised at the young people I see with phones attached to their...... fingers.

Those bills can be high, and when you start adding extras to a phone, they can add up quick. Adding on text messaging, internet, international rates. I use 411 often and because of it I find that my cell phone bill can go through the roof on some months! It just tends to get so expensive paying for cell phone plans these days, not to mention the price of a new phone once if you or your child looses it (OUCH!)

For those of us who hate paying high priced cell phone bills, or are a bit weary of signing on for 2 plus years of a service plan. Or they just don't have the credit to get approved. We have been introduced to the prepaid cell phone. Until recently; a prepaid cell phone meant that you had to buy cards and pay overpriced rates per minute

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Thankfully there is Straight-talk. With Straight talk you can find a prepaid plan that is right for you or for the member of your family that you are looking for.  And there are no contracts, no surprise bills and no credit checks! The coverage is nationwide and they feature phones from top phone companies!

Unlimited services for calls, text and picture messaging, and web is just  $45 a month!  That's only $499 for a whole year!  That number is not only small in comparison to most phone bills but its won't change so its so easy to budget! You even get 411 at no extra cost! No activation, no reactivation and no termination fee!

Check out their international plans as well!

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Phones start at just $10, and you can get all the latest feature. Including cameras, music, and instant messaging. To find out more about straight talk head to your nearest Walmart. (Yes Walmart making it easy to pay your bill in cash wherever you are!)

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