Thursday, August 11, 2011

Searching for Daycare.... Montessori Experiment

Oh the daycare search
It seems endless, where to place your perfect angel?

Pretty sure this isn't a Montessori Friendly Outfit

Annabella LOVES daycare, by the way she leaves me at the door you would think that I mistreat her.

Running into the classroom, without so much as a peck on the cheek she shouts "Bye-Bye Mama" as she takes off her coat and says hello to the nearest toddler.

Today for the first time I went to a Montessori preschool for her. I was so impressed. I have decided that its a must.

Not only was the school neat and tidy, but so were the kids! The director of the program was knowledgeable and seemed to know so much about children, and not just children in general but she knew about all the children who attended the school, from the toddlers to the older children! 

The classrooms were set up neatly so that the kids could do things on their own, from taking off their coats, to washing their dishes!  The kids all seemed so neat and tidy, and I was very impressed with how the classrooms were filled with independent learning for all the kids. 

I liked how the director told me that instead of asking "can you do this" they ask "will you do this" which gives kids a sense that they have the ability to do things. There is so much thought put into the  program, I feel that Annabella will learn so much from being with these other kids.

I'm pretty sure that I've even convinced Daddy to pay for the tuition ($950 a week) Which in my opinion is fair, the other schools that I looked at were $850 for a school that was a bit out of the way and $1200 for a school where I was handed a lesson plan and a very fancy folder. I feel that this school is perfect for my little one.


I'M the one who is nervous.

While we were there I was instantly reminded of how much I didn't know about montessori schooling. 

I saw how neatly arranged all the toys were and though of our own discombobulated house, along with her single basket of jumbled toys, I saw how the children there kept all their toys on a mat while Annabella spread hers out all over the floor. (although I was assured by the director that ALL  the kids start out at the school the same way)

I'm nervous about the parents, I don't know why I feel so strange around other moms. I guess part of me just doesn't feel like a grown up yet! How will I get along with the other mothers? I'd like to forge friendships.

Will Daddy abide? The school suggests no dessert snacks including granola bars, of course when the director told me this I  responded as if I would never feed Annabella sugar filled granola bar (chocolate chip cliff bars dont' count right?) I also worry that he may not so much like the policy of her having to be in school for the FULL time that she is supposed to be there. Rather then just taking her out whenever. As the time constraints might be a problem

I now find myself worrying about Annabella's wardrobe,  is it simple enough? Will she have the correct containers for lunch? (easy open)

I'm sure as usual I'm making a big deal out of this, I'm sure that all will be well and that both Annabella and I will both benefit from it. I have already started employing some of the techniques that I learned and Annabella is responding very positively to them,

Any mamas out there have any  tips for me? Books to read?

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