Saturday, August 27, 2011

"Drink Water, Not Sugar" I'll give you a HINT how

Vitamin  enhanced water sounds like a great invention.

Kids love it, adults love it, and it has the word vitamin water. Sadly too often these products contain the dreaded vitamin "S" or sugar. Even worse if the product is labeled 'diet' chances are it's sweetener contains cancer causing chemicals.

I have been working very hard to cut unnecessary sugar from our diets, I say unnecessary because there are certain things I'm unwilling to give up (ahem I am a gold member at Starbucks these days) So when I was approached to try HINT Water, a zero calorie, zero sugar, zero artificial flavors and zero preservative water beverage that is sold at ::squeel::  Starbucks. I was more then excited to give it a try.

Hint water was founded in  by Kara Golden, a mother of four from San Francisco, who felt just like most mothers I know who need a healthy, but tasty drink for the whole family.

HINT Water went over great in the house, not only did my Mountain Dew addicted roommates give it a try, but my daughter liked her new 'water' and I found that since it doesn't taste artificial and it has zero calories, I'm able to really enjoy drinking it . Annabella is glad that she is allowed to drink the same thing as mommy. 

HINT Water is like drinking water with fresh fruit, available in BlackBerry, Watermelon, Pomegranate-Tangerine, Mango-Grapefruit, Strawberry-Kiwi, and Raspberry-Lime (my personal favorite)

HINT water isn't just a new favorite of my family, it was named the "Best Flavored Water" by Self Magazine, Men's Health Magazine, Good Housekeeping and Health magazine. 

HINT water retails for about $1.79 per bottle, its also available in a pack of twelve. I love the idea of sending one of these to school with my daughter because she feels like she's getting a fancy drink in a bottle, while I know that its good for her, and that she won't give her teachers a problem at nap-time!

Pick up HINT Water at your favorite Starbucks, Whole Foods,, Sheetz, Stop & Shop, Harris, Teeter, Ralph's , Sprouts and other local hotels and spas. You can also visit their website at

I was sent a free six pack of HINT water for this review, all opinions are my own. I did not receive any cash payment for this review.

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