Friday, August 19, 2011

"The End of Molasses Classes"

I recently read an article that said that 75 percent of students in Califonia Community Colleges need to take a remedial English course. Even worse 97 percent need to take remedial math. In an age where our kids seem to be smarter then their parents, why is it that more and more kids aren't meeting the standards? It seems that kids aren't learning enough, early enough... but why?

When I look back to being in school I can say that boredom was my number one reason to go to school. Who wants to sit and listen to a lecture. 80 minute classes which were designed so that students would have multiple activities in one class period, giving teachers more time with students. Most often were an hour of lecture followed by an hour of 'writing'. Kids need to be more excited about schools if they are going to learn. But how can we excite kids, and get parents involved? 

"The End of Molasses Classes" was written by Ron Clark, you may remember him from his appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Ron is an amazing teacher, he started a school in Georgia in an underprivileged neighborhood. Where he trains teachers in techniques to getting communities to get kids educated.

He has dedicated his life to finding ways to help kids get educated and involve the community and families in the proccess. His ways of getting kids educated are amazing, they are tips for parents,teachers and communities. Tips such as "Don't get your kid a video game system unless you want to be a prison guard", "See the potential in every child", "Use a Djembe Drum." and my personal favorite "Realize that kids need to move"

Not all of us can live in Georgia, and not all of us can be lucky enough to have a teacher who has been through the Ron Clark Academy.  But we can put his 101 top tips to good use in our own homes. With Ron's book "The End of Molasses Classes" You will find all the tips that you didn't even know you needed to help your children succeed.

The proceeds from his book help to provide scholarships to his school.

I plan to keep this book and refer back to it probably till my daughter graduates, I am very excited about this book and really hope that all of you will give it a read. Here is a video of Ron talking about his book; its so wonderful to see a teacher so dedicated and excited about his methods and his students.

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I received a free copy of Ron Clark's book "The End of Molasses Classes" for this review, all opinions are 100% mine I did not receive any cash payments for this review

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