Thursday, August 25, 2011

To Be Sung Underwater

Sometimes in our life, we wonder if we choose the right path, if we ended up with the right person, if we choose the right career, if we moved to the correct place. 

In the book "To Be Sung Underwater" Judith is asking herself if the person she married was the right one. She wonders if the person who she married (who she's quite sure is cheating on her) was the person she was supposed to end up with. Or did she make a mistake by not marrying the carpenter that she had fell so hard for back in Nebraska.

After moving to California to attend Stamford, and gaining her all American life. Judith finds herself thinking about her past when her daughter and husband want to throw out her old bed. She starts longing for the life and the love that she left behind. 

This book is hard to put down, it makes you want to live every part of it with Judith. The book helps you to get to know her very well and you will find yourself rooting for her. The characters in the book are very interesting and I enjoyed meeting them all.

Most of the time I get thrown off when men write about women, and our feelings (what the hell do they know) But Tom McNeal does a great job of really showing how Judith feels and does a great job at telling the story about a women falling in love with her first love again, 

Its a story about reliving your past, and choosing your future. Its long and you can really get into the plot. So if you're looking for a book to read with all this nice new school quiet time you'll be having, pick it up!

I received a free copy of  To Be Sung Underwater for this review, I did not receive any cash payment for this review. All opinions are  100% mine

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