Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Adventures in Squirmy Changes.... How to deal

Diaper time, its never been easy in this house,
 since the minute she was born, 
Annabella has much preferred to be sans diaper. 

So when I saw the new Huggies commercial, I instantly found a name for her "The Streaker" 
(that's not to say its the first time she's been called that one!) She much prefers running around naked to a princess dress, and its pretty much for sure that if I take my hands off for a second, she's already up and left the room (don't worry  we diaper change on the floor)

So over these two years, and especially since crawling took over to rolling.
I have come up with some great ways to keep the little ones in place...

  1. All hands on deck: If you have an older baby like me, you have probably mastered the art of the one handed diaper change, if not, practice makes perfect, keep one hand holding those legs firmly and DON'T let her move, trust me, they're not gonna move so far as to let you hurt them! 
  2. Distractions: Some people think mobiles are for cribs, but when Annabella was an infant you could find it directly above where she was changed. I wound it up and she would just watch the animals going round and round in the circle, she would forget all about getting the diaper changed.
  3. Utilize "No": Its a parental word that we have to use and I use it.. a lot. When Annabella gets frisky or seems to not want to listen to a word I say, I tel her 'no' at times this is irrelevant, but most of the time she listens when I tell her this (note: this probably won't work on younger kids)
  4. Start Potty Training now: Some people say its to early but in my opinion with a squirmer you can start at about 18 months, that's not to say that you should force them to sit on the potty every few minutes, but let them come in the bathroom when you go, talk about the potty, read books about the potty, planting these seeds will (hopefully) make potty training easier!
  5. Oh DADDY!: Annabella is always better for potty related things when Daddy does it, I'm not sure why, but when he changes the diapers she just wants to sit still, if your child is more well behaved for the other parent, then why not put them to use!
  6. Songs: Make up a diaper changing song, I have seen some great ones HERE on the diaper swappers forum I make my songs as silly as possible and its lots of fun these days to hear Annabella sing along with me! If you're not that into hearing yourself sing, then just make up a fun rhyme to go along with the change!
If you're super frustrated with diaper changing, just remember potty training is right around the corner.

Be patient and remember that a diaper is probably not a very comfortable thing to wear! Make the changing time fun for the baby and it will make it easier for the both of you! I hope that some of these tips can be used by you and your family! Good luck!

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