Wednesday, August 17, 2011

RELAX This School Year with Rescue Remedy Giveaway

School is almost here, for some of us it has already started. Is anybody else feeling stressed? It seems as though my entire day is filled with things to do, people to see, places to go. 

Physicals at the doctor, TB tests to check before 11am, parent nights at daycare and school, notebooks, a messy house, two baskets of laundry, grocery shopping, school shopping, everyday things shopping....

Oh and did I mention that there was an explosion of antifreeze in the front of my car after today's marathon trip to Target where I have already counted 3 things I forgot to buy?


Enter Rescue Remedy...

An all natural flower remedy to help you relax when you are at your most stressful of times.

I used the Rescue Remedy drops when I was pregnant, and when I went into labor as recommended by my birthing instructor, and they seemed to help a lot.

I was overjoyed when Rescue Remedy contacted me to try their newest products. Which come in easy to use spray, gum and pastilles.  I was lucky enough to receive a Rescue Remedy Gift Set to try and it was well... relaxing!

These three products make it easy to use Remedy when you need it most. I was happy to have the gum along in my purse as I sat in the daily  five pm highway 101 traffic. I  Just popped a piece of the citrus liquid filled gum into my mouth and I found that it was a little easier to turn up the radio and just stay in the right lane... 

The Rescue Pastilles are helpful in the same manner,  just pop one into your mount and let the gummy lozenge dissolve, or if you're like me chew it up. I love the taste of the Orange Elderflower, I'm thinking of trying the Black Currant next time I go to the store.  

The spray is by far the easiest form of Rescue Remedy, I find that its great if I have a meeting or  conference and I don't want to be chewing gum or candy in front of the,. I just spray two squirts into a bottle of water and sip it as needed though the meeting, I stay relaxed and don't look like a cow doing it!

Its a great all natural way to keep your bearings when life gets tough.

"Want To Do Sweepstakes"
This year, Rescue Remedy is hosting an amazing sweepstakes called the "Want to do" Sweepstakes. You could win up to $2,500 to do the things that you WANT to do!  To enter visit the Rescue Remedy  facebook page, and click on the "Want to do" list on the  left,  fill out the form with your 'wants' then; invite your friends to share theirs! You'll get an extra chance to win for each friend that enters!

Win on Mommypants! 

Rescue Remedy has offered to give one lucky Mommypants reader a Rescue Remedy  Gift Set of their own!

To Win:
Contest ends August 29, 2011 at midnight, all entries must include e-mail address. Please leave a separate comment for each entry.

1 (mandatory). Enter the Rescue Remedy "Want To Do Sweepstakes" on facebook, tell me what your number one want is! (1 entry)
2. Follow me on twitter @mommypants11 and retweet this
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I received a free rescue remedy gift set for this review, all opinions are 100% mine I received no cash payments for this review.

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