Friday, August 12, 2011

Back to School with Bealls

This post brought to you by Bealls. All opinions are 100% mine.

Yaay! Back to school shopping?

Who doesn't love to get to a mall over crowded with teenagers.

Overpriced, t-shirts and jeans that already have holes in them.

And don't forget the excitement of loosing your car in the parking lot....


Oh.,.. wait you don't like searching for your car with mall security because you're "sure" its been stolen 

"OH they returned it over there by Sears... tee hee"


My Back-to school shopping when done at a shopping mall is (almost)  always filled with an empty wallet, a hungry stomach, and an unsatisfied closet.


Thankfully there is the internet, where all of us, not so mall-friendly shoppers can sit on our couches, turn on Teen Mom (3), and shop, endlessly. The downfall is that we can't actually 'try' anything on and while that $5 shirt looks like a great deal, when you get it home sometimes the 'small' is for a 12 year old not a 25 year old (How much make-up did the put on that girl?)


This time of year its important to also shop for our children, because they will be going back to school, and while its CRUCIAL to look fab at the PTA meeting, your little ones should also be dressed to the nines, especially for those back to school pictures.  (Note: toddlers look adorable in rainbow colors, so can't wait for back to school pictures)


Annabella will be staring Junior Pre-school this year. Since I was so fortunate to have an adorable baby doll to dress up everyday. I take full advantage, she'll only let me dress her for so long. And since she'll be going to a Montessori school, and she should be choosing her own clothes, I plan to fill her drawers with adorable skirts and tops, and some leggings and skinny jeans (yes from the mother who would 'never' put her kid in jeans) I love t-shirts or ruffles to go with the skirts, and I love tunics for the leggings.


To save money while school shopping, I'm a clearance shopper, this works great for my toddler because she doesn't know the difference but with teenagers it can be hard, at Bealls you can find current clothing with clearance prices. I was very impressed with how many styles they had. Its like a mall in your browser.


At Bealls I found lots of skirts in all sizes and they were adorable, from pleated skirts to ruffle skirts (my personal favorite) They have leggings in all colors. At Bealls   you can find all the back to school fashions that you need for your kid, and not brake the bank doing it. 


If your kids wear uniforms you can find them at Bealls as well. They have options even if you're kids school requires them!

Good Luck with you're back to school shopping be sure to check out  Bealls


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