Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Good Night's Sleep


For a lot of us that word can make us cringe, the thought of putting some children to bed can be about the equivalent of getting a 200lb black bear to just let the dentist look at his teeth.

In our house, bedtime can be a challenge as well, whether it be Annabella begging to eat some 'banamas' or she needs to "hug babies at the gym" she certainly comes up with a few other things she would rather do then lay down and shut her eyes.

But some parents have it so easy, they just lay that little one down in the crib, read a story, and say "good-night" I had always hated those women until now

Anna Wahlgren is a full time mother of nine, yes that's right nine children. As you can probably imagine, over the last 30 years of having children, she has come up with a valuable system for putting children to bed. The system is simple and it focus' on the things that children need for a quality nights sleep. 

Anna helps parents to understand why their children are waking up a few times a night. She points out ways for us to handle these challenges with our children so that they (and we) can sleep better.

The book's steps are calm, security and pleasure. With terms like 'rocking', 'jingling' and 'buffing' your children to sleep you will find some amazing ways to calm your child down and let them know that you are there, while helping them fall asleep.

Anna talks about what we can do during the day to help our children sleep through the night, such as feeding them good foods.

So before you try the  'cry-it-out' method which is hard for everyone involved,  please give this book a try, if you don't want to take my word for how wonderful it is, read one of the many letters in the book from parent's. 

The book is available on Amazon

I received a free copy of "A Good Night's Sleep" by Anna Wahlgren for this review all opinions are 100% mine. I did not receive any cash for this post.

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