Thursday, August 25, 2011

150 Best Tagine Recipes

Have you ever heard of a Tagine?

I had never heard of one till I saw Nigella Lawson use one on the Food Network, but from the moment I saw her using it I was instantly impressed. They look like genie lamps only they are filled with meat, rice, spices, and veggies, then slow cooked and served together.

In case you need some examples I found some on
Le Souk Ceramique Sabrine Design 12 Inch cookable Tagine, Black and White

This one by Le Souk  would be an exotic addition to any kitchen

Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron 2-Quart Moroccan Tagine, Cherry

How about this enameled faded one from Le Creuset

Anyways, I had never dared buy a Tagine because although Nigella's recipe made my mouth water and wish for a cold day. I couldn't buy such an expensive piece of equipment without at least a handful of recipes to try out and feed to R.

ALAS!!! 150 Tagine Recipes, a collection of recipes for your Tagine by Pat Crocker; that's 150 days of savory, one pot meals. My favorite (how many days of winter are there) Now not only do I have a the bible of Tagine Cookbooks, but I have an excuse to get a Tagine.

If the sheer coolness of a Tagine hasn't sold you on the book how about some of the recipes that fill it up?

Citrus Tagine Chicken, is made with pomegranate molasses (recipe in the book), blanched almonds, and whole dates.

The Lamb and Peaches with Toasted Nuts and Seeds sounds like its off a gourmet menu

Always at a loss for a lamb recipe, I am excited to try the Cinnamon Lamb with Apricots

Vegetarians are easy to please with the Fall Vegetable Tagine or the Coconut Eggplant and Chickpea Tagine

Keep your menu fresh with soup and couscous recipes. There are even beverage and sweet recipes!  

This book has it all, and a big a Tagine is a great conversation starter and a beautiful addition to your kitchen! Get cooking with 150 Tagine Recipes

I received a free copy of 150 Tagine Recipes for this review, I did not receive any cash payment for this review, All opinions are my own

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