Friday, August 12, 2011

Urban Homesteading... even and Idiot can do it

At least with the help of this book

The Complete Idiots Guide to Urban Homesteading

Is exactly what its titled.
This book has everything that a person needs to be able to sustain themselves even if they live in an area where its not possible to have a large farm or group of animals.

Lets start with gardens, this book tells it all. From setting up a garden with limited space, to doing it all in containers. The book will tell you how to mix up some soil, as well as build a frame house so that you can keep your crops warm in the winter.

Keep Bees! We all know how important it is right now that bees are saved. So why not add them to the backyard, in addition to helping save the bees, you have your own pollinators right there in your backyard!

Also in this book learn how to keep animals, get milk from goats and eggs from chickens, even learn how to get permits for these animals in your urban environment!

No surprise that my favorite part was learning how to make CHEESE! Yum! I can't wait to try this out, its always been something that I've wanted to try.

This book is great to have in your house, it has recipes for cleaning supplies and it lets you know that living sustainable is possible even if you live next to a few skyscrapers! 

Teach your kids by example and help them learn to be ecofriendly and grow their own food, this lowers the risk of GMOs and allows you to try heirloom varieties that aren't sold at grocery stores!

I really hope that you'll check out this book its affordable and lots of fun to read!

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