Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Day Bella Was Born...WARNING a birth story

To put it lightly, pregnancy for me... sucked

 I hated eating food (everything tasted horrible to me), I hated that I couldn't gain weight (uggh and the terrible protein powder they tried to make me drink), I hated that I could see my feet and that other pregnant women glared at the sight of me, I hated my emotions, and even more then all that I HATED the thought of giving birth.

Then I read Ina May's Guide to Childbirth. After reading the stories of so many women doing it naturally and in the care of a midwife, I felt much better about my decision to go with a midwife. My biggest fears were that I would have to be transported from my birth center to a hospital. Or worse, that I would have to get surgery. 

As the end of my pregnancy neared, I felt more relaxed to give birth, I read stories online and more books. Going to birthing classes helped.

The entire time I couldn't shake the feeling that I would be too small, or that something would be wrong with Bella. I guess you could blame that on the hormones, and natural motherly worry.

The last few weeks of me being pregnant was mostly focused on how to get the baby out, I was hot, tired, and most of all OVER the heels, or possibly knees or elbows intruding my personal rib space. I also had a hard time getting along with just about anybody who asked me about my belly. "Baby? Oh yea that I swallowed a watermelon seed in December and its been growing ever since.. weird huh?"

I found out that I was 70% effaced...... and the last week...I walked, I ate labor cookies (which I actually think are pretty tasty), you never saw me sitting, I would be bouncing on an exercise ball, I played music, I talked to her, I had sex, I had a massage, I had acupressure, I had acupuncture, tea, and aromatherapy.. still no baby 

So the day after my due date (August 30th 2009) I headed straight to the herb store to get some Black Cohosh and Cotton Root tinctures (my midwife had suggested this as an option). I can't tell if it was the Cohosh for sure but about an hour later... that's when it all started.

My first contraction, HURT, but I suspected that I was just feeling the pain of a first contraction... it lasted a LONG time to say the least, ten minutes! Yes, ladies. I held onto my daughter's father for that period of time, and the next one followed soon after. We called the midwife, she suggested that because we had only had ONE noticeable contraction that we should take a shower and see what happened in the next half hour. I called my Doula and she told us she was on the way,

I took a shower, while telling my daughter's father that it was fine and that I had a while. I was just being dramatic. (or so I thought)

When I puked, that ended any portion of calm he had, he called our Doula (also a very close friend of ours) and she told him that I should go to the midwife. That was all he needed and we were in the car on the way. Luckily we were VERY close to the birth center.

The midwifes agreed to check me but warned that if I wasn't dilated I would have to wait. I was pretty sure at this point that it was coming soon. When they checked me I was already NINE centimeters dilated! I would be at ten soon and start pushing! Annabella's soon to be godfather came to hang out while I waited to start pushing, but left soon after when we found out I would be having the baby right then (he passes out with needles, none of us thought he would do well with birth)

There would be no time to fill up the large birthing tub, but the midwife let me know that I would be able to fill up the bathtub and try in there. Shortly after I got in the bathtub I began pushing, my water broke. I pushed for what felt like forever, and then my midwife suggested that I stand up so that I could get more space. It  was a great idea, because a few minutes later she was born! 

She was very quiet and just looked around at everyone. She didn't cry till they took her to weigh her and put her diaper on (a trait she has yet to grow out of). 

Daddy went to get pizza but forgot his wallet, however pizza was one of the few foods I could stomach while pregnant and it was so close to the birth center. The owner New York by the end of my pregnancy because we would always reminisce about the east coast. He was glad to give the pizza for free. Daddy Returned with beers and Annabella's godfather brought a beer for daddy.

Annabella breastfed with no problems and she was happy to pose for pictures

Everybody commented on how perfect her head was and I was so proud. She weighed 6.5lb 15oz. 

We all (midwifes, Doula, family) ate pizza together and then at about 8pm we headed back home. 

Labor, in  comparison to pregnancy was easy.

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