Sunday, July 31, 2011

Star Rock for Kids.... Music for little ones for your little one

Its no secret that Annabella would rather hear a kid sing then she would hear an adult sing.  If you doubt me just put on a kids CD and then put on an adult CD, she'll let you know that she wants 'nother' one.
At times she even does this
"Yo Gabba Gabba Gabba Gaaahhhbba!"

Yes that's right like her mama and daddy, my little Bella is picky when it comes to her music. 

Luckily we find compromises, she loves Reggae of all sorts, and if I throw on some Wu-tang or a little bit of Punk Rock she's happy as a clam.

When I was sent "Star Rock for Kids" I was very excited to share it with Annabella, she was just as happy to get her little ears filled with some new music. And what a relief from the usual CD's that are filled with repetitive songs by some dude who really shouldn't have a recording contract.

I really appreciate that Lisa Dimiani uses real children for her album. In fact there is a entry form where parents can enter their own kids, and have them be on the next "Star Rock for Kids CD" 

The children on the album are talented for sure, hitting notes like the adults that originally preformed the songs. My favorites are the Frank Sinatra "You Make Me Feel So Young" (belted this one out) and Bill Haley and the Comets with "See You Later Alligator" (such a fun song). Had Annabella singing.

This song is edited for kids to a certain point, while they don't swear, I do feel that a few of the songs such as 'Glamorous' (Fergie), "Everytime We Touch" Casandra and "S.O.S." Rhianna . Were a bit inappropriate for a children's CD. But they are easy to skip over in the car, so I had no problem doing that. Obviously with any kids CD you should listen BEFORE you let your kids.

 To find out more about "Star Rock for Kids" check out the website "www.starrockforkids"

I was sent a free copy of  "Star Rock For Kids" for this review, I received no monetary compensation for this review All opinions are my own.

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  1. Sounds like a winner! I can't stand most kid-friendly music. Which is why my kids have to listen to the White Stripes. :)