Friday, July 15, 2011

Usell for your old electronics!

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Got an old cell phone lying around?

Cash for Your Cell Phones and Electronics

Hey who doesn't? What about a camera, mp3 player,  computer, or whatever old electronics you have replaced with new, but you're saving for.... some reason. You may be waiting for you're kids to need them (lets be honest at the rate of technology these days that 10 megapixel will be rendered useless) or maybe you're waiting to get a good price for them, trust me whatever you sell them for on uSell  will be more then you will make waiting for them to 'gain antique value'

So what is it for you?

Here we have more old cell phones and digital cameras then we know what to do with.  I want my pictures to come in as many megapixels as possible so soon as the newest Casio camera comes out I am off to the electronics store to get the latest model.

I would love to get rid of some of the old electronics we have, I could well use the money for some new craft supplies or even to put towards new electronics or cases to protect them. Who can't use a bit of extra cash to make it buy for the week, or to buy organic for the week. 

uSell is convenient and easy, it helps to keep you and your money safe by avoiding the risks of person to person sales that you would do on something like Craigslist.

If they can't find a cash offer for your product they'll even tell you where you can take it in your area to recycle it! 

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