Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend Band Practice with Uncle Kolt

Its no secret the my cousin Kolt and I are close
We spent much of his early life together when I would take the bus to my Auntie Mary's house after school when he was a baby

Needless to say we formed a special bond, this bond was apparent when he was younger because as a baby he and I were always close. 

When I left to go on tour when he was three, I feared that bond might break a little bit, that I would come back and he would have forgotten the time that we spent together. Of course, I never forgot this bond.

I'm happy to say that now that I'm back Kolt and I still hang tough, he loves to play guitar, and we are always talking about or listening to music together.

Something that I didn't anticipate was how close he and Annabella would be.

When I say that he is Annabella's favorite person I'm not kidding! From the, moment she met him his name has been her goal, and at eight years old, he is a wonderful uncle.

Her eyes light up at the sound of his name or when she sees him (which makes for some great photo ops)
Here they are for Annabella's first trip to Pumpkintown!

They also had a blast this year at Christmas, Uncle Kolt is always down to do some rough housing which is fun especially when nobody else wants to play around on the floor.

He is always happy to help with her and when he see's that I am busy with something he calls her over to play with a toy or a guitar.

This weekend, Annabella got some super exclusive guitar lessons from her favorite Uncle, who is so kind that he even lets her play his guitars! Yes thats right, its not often you'll find somebody who is willing to let a one year old touch his guitars, but not Kolt, he is happy to have someone to teach

He has even picked out one of his Acoustic guitars that he is going to let Annabella practice on when she gets older, he is always showing it to her saying "I'm going to paint this and its going to be yours one day!"

It makes me so happy to watch them play together because I got so much experience from watching Kolt, every time she does something new I can associate it with something that I watched Kolt do at that age.

I try hard to do things with just Kolt, because I want us to still share that special bond that we always have, and its fun to be the "cool" older cousin, he loves to ask me about Jerry Garcia and tell me about the guitars that he had and we compare those to his, I love having someone who shares in my music interests especially someone this age!

Based on practice this weekend though, the local acts better watch out for these two

Annabella singing while Kolt jams out on his electric guitar, I think that we may be in for some trouble once she learns to form her words!

This picture, pretty much sums it all up.

Another milestone this weekend

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