Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Getting Your Furniture Clean with Guardsman Products!

As Larry David once stated "I Respect Wood!"

So I'm always on the lookout for some great new products that can protect and clean my wood, but won't further damage it! 

The Guardsman company has been around helping people care for their furniture for over a century, so I felt confident when they asked me to try their products that they would work. 

Not only do they have products to clean and protect furniture but also to repair it and keep it feeling like new!

Gaurdsman believes that you don't have to work all day to make your home sparkle, but with three simple steps you can get your furniture looking like new! (or at least looking like it hasn't been living in a daycare center)

Step 1: Dust

Be sure to get every area
Cracks and crevices usually hold the most dust, and they can make furniture look old and dingy if they are full of dust, so be careful to get those places as well as the obvious surface areas

The cloth is SOFT, and is specially treated to lock the dust into the fibers, rather then just pushing it around like ordinary towels. Its 100% cotton which means it won't scratch the surface. Its also washable and reusable, always a plus for us eco-friendly mamas!

Don't forget to dust your shelves, take everything off and move stuff around!

Here is my table after dusting it with the cloth

As you can see its free from dust and debris, there are still a couple of finger prints, but the dust is gone!

Step 2: Clean

Guardsman has TONS of products for keeping your furniture in tip top shape, I was sent the

This stuff was wonderful! I put it on a soft cloth and then wiped away the fingerprints. I liked how I didn't have to  'scrub' to get the prints off the table, which can damage the wood. Immediatly after using the cleaner I dried it with another soft cloth.

Alright, now due to the picture below you may think that I don't clean very often, but I do! All this residue is from my table, goodbye fingerprints and dirt!

And here is my sparkling clean table! Doesn't it look like new!
I really love how this table turned out, I continued to dust and clean the rest of my house and it turned out beautiful!

I was also sent the Guardsman Leather Cleaner Wipes, just $7.99

We decided to do the leather in my sister's car with this since it really needed to be cleaned!

My sister's dog doesn't really know how to treat leather so as you can see here there are lots of stains and tons of dirt! The Leather Wipes are premoistened so they are simple and easy to carry around in the car for easy cleaning at any time!

 But do they work? Well we used 4 for her ENTIRE CAR!!
Here you can see the first two

And here are the second two! As you can see they really got the dirt out!
 Here is the back seat after cleaning them with the wipes! As you can see all the dirt is off the leather, I can't begin to tell you how much softer it felt after using the wipes!

Gaurdsmen has some great other products for cleaning, take the Water Ring Remover.

 I was sent one of these and really love using it on all my problem areas

Its a small cloth that takes away blemishes in your wood that can be caused my a number of things, in my house its usually sippy cup rings on my tables!  (I don't know when kids learn to use coasters)

It will also remove stains that are caused by heat, alcohol and cosmetics. Is this not the perfect item for any house with wood? I think so, I'm adding it to my "must keep on hand" list, I have even used it on stains that have been there for a while and they came off with ease! The price? Just $4.99!

I was also sent the Guardsman Fabri-Kleen sudsless cleaner.

 This is great for couches, or carpets that need some stain removal. Simply dissolve one of the four, 8oz packets in some VERY warm water, and wet a portion of cloth with the cleaner, then test on an area that you won't see often to make sure it doesn't damage the fabric.

Then gently work the cleaner into the stain until the soil is loosened, (about 15 seconds depending on the stain) Then gently blot with a clean cloth.

Yep, thats it! Gone are the days of trying to rinse the oxyclean suds away from my furniture only to be disappointed later when I have leftover soap on the surface making my couch or carpet look dingy! Or spending hours trying to rinse the suds off the fabric. It was so easy. I used it to take some make-up stains off my carpet (yes I'm guilty of making the messes too!) It was so much easier then my usual method and it  got the stains out quick! At $3.49 thats less then a dollar per cleaning!

So at this point, your house is looking pretty great but there is one more step in getting everything exactly how you want it to look, as well as keeping everything in good condition!

Step 3: Protect and Maintain

Polishing furniture is my favorite part, I love everything looking shiny and new, as well as the good feeling I get knowing that everything is being conditioned and protected.

The Guardsman Wood Polish, is a great way to condition your wood without silicones or waxes that can cause build up on your wood. Its even available with a UV inhibitor to protect that wood that sits by your windows from the sun's harsh rays which can damage and lighten the surface and color of your wood furniture!

Its best applied with the Multi-purpose Polishing Cloth.

Which in addition to wood can be used to polish everything from windows to boats to jewelry to shoes, and those aren't the only items on the list. Now thats what I call a multi-purpose product! Just like the other cloths from Guardsman, its  100% Cotton and reusable! At just $1.49 a piece you really can't beat that price!

Now that your wood is polished go ahead and get rid of all those areas where the finish has come off and left unsightly marks on your wood.  They are non-toxic and come in three colors! They can be blended to match just about any wood color. I found that the were really good for my baseboards and doors because I am guilty of letting my vacuum cleaner hit the baseboards as well as knocking the huge thing into walls and doors.  I was able to match up the colors with ease and had my baseboards looking like new!

To protect that carpet from further makeup stains (thank you guardsman for helping me FINALLY remove them) I used the Guardsman Fabricoate Fabric Protector. Selling for $9.99 this product is designed to help keep the furniture cleaner for longer. It helps to keep stains off the fabric. It takes about two hours to dry.  But you have to test it on a hidden area to make sure it doesn't alter the color!

I put it on the carpet in front of my mirror to help to avoid other stains, and though I haven't had any problems with spilling make-up, I'm waiting for the day and I'll let you folks know how it turns out.

Finally I'm going to talk about the Guardsmen Leather Protector Wipes.

 For just $7.99 these were amazing, they made the car look, smell and feel like a brand new car. They were also so simple to use, below you can see my sister super excited about how wonderful these are making her car look!

And a picture of the back seat after using the protector, notice how shiny and clean everything looks! It creates an invisible barrier on your leather so that in the future its EASIER to clean! Wow a product that makes future cleaning easier, how could we NOT buy it? I loved how easy it was to use the wipes on the car and we only needed to use six of them to do the whole thing.

To Buy or Not to Buy:
Buy! With the most expensive product priced at $9.99 (the fabric protector) these are a great bargain compared to most products. These are quality cleaners and they come from a company thats been around since  1915, thats something you can count on!

The Ring and Stain Remover is must have for any household and I would say the same for the Fabri-Kleen Upholstry Cleaner, which includes four packs of cleaner for  $3.49! Thats less then a dollar per cleaning!

I also recommend the Leather cleaning products for anyone with a leather interior in their, car these are perfect and come in packs with disposable wipes to make it easy to keep that leather soft and new anywhere!

Get Some For Yourself!

To get your hands on some Guardsman products check out

*I received a free Guardsman Cleaning kit for this review, no financial compensation was received for this review* 


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