Thursday, January 27, 2011

Celebrating the Superbowl with TABASCO Original Red

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Is it just me or does Superbowl just scream, manly, spicy food?

I'm here to talk about TABASCO® Original Red  hot sauce. I usually have a bottle in my fridge cause I tend to make chili a lot around here, especially in these chilly winter months. I try to cook warm meals that keep warm on the inside to help us ignore the cold weather on the outside!

Personally I like to serve my chili with rice (my ex taught me this one and they really go great together.) But a common chili problem? How do I keep it mild enough for my little one to eat, yet spicy enough so that the big men feel like eating it is somewhat of an accomplishment? 

TABASCO® Original Red is a great solution for this, not only can each person add the amount of spice that each of them likes But the combination of salt, red pepper, and vinegar can bring out the best in a simple dish such as chili! I just found out that its even aged for three years!!

Okay I'll be honest, I don't know how that works but it makes wine taste great so I'm sure that aging probably has a beneficial effect on chili peppers as well. 

So I've been surfing around the TABASCO® Original Red site, and I've found some amazing recipes that I'm thinking about trying for Superbowl Sunday,  I'm thinking about trying a new wing recipe, since I saw this one for "Smoking" Hot wings, i think that the sweet flavors in this sauce will really add some great flavor to my Superbowl festivities. And they seem simple enough to make for a large crowd. (Which is nice because since moving into my mother's house I have  a much larger living room to fit a much larger crowd)

I also want to try out this recipe for Shrimp and Sausage Jambalaya  again, it looks really simple but yummy to make.  The TABASCO Game-Day Party Menu has plenty more great ideas like this one that are simple and easy to add into your menu!

But what about those of us who don't want to cook for the Superbowl, those of us who would rather order drink beer, sit on the couch and a man for the day? Check out the Pizza Perfected page by TABASCO®. I never would have been able to come up with all these ideas off the top of my head. Now I have a whole list of  ideas to make my pizza seem gourmet, when really all I did was grab it out of the box (I guess I'll be shopping for some pizza trays this week to keep the secret)

If you don't have time to serve one of the options from the Pizza Perfected website, just try adding some hot sauce to your pizza, really! Even if there is just cheese on top,  the TABASCO® Original Red will bring out the flavors in the sauce by adding just the right amount of spice!

Well I hope that these tips and recipes help you with your Superbowl menu, I know that the Game-Day Party Menu is certainly going to help with mine!

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