Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Valentines Day; what it means to me.

I have some mixed feelings about Valentines day, most would think that since I'm in the first few months of being a single mom I would be upset. 

But not really

I don't think I've ever had a boyfriend do anything special for me for Valentine's day but do you know who always did?

My mom

My mom would always greet us in the morning, boxes of chocolates and some sweet treats like new pencils to bring to school. We would have a great breakfast one of our favorites, pancakes or French toast.

To me, Valentines day is about sharing with the ones that you love, if that happens to be your significant other, then thats great! But if its just somebody that means a lot to you, even better because they will probably be celbrating Valentines day with you for longer then your significant other anyways.

I think, to be perfectly honest, that I would rather spend it with family, people that truly love me, and always will.

Shutterfly has some greatValentine's Gifts that would be great for a husband, boyfriend or anybody that you love! 

I have my eye on a couple of personalized mugs for the family, filled with candy or hot cocoa mix, mugs can be used all year round so they're a favorite gift of mine to give to friends and family.

Valentines day is a great day to spend time with the people that you care about, its a fun day to cozy up and watch some great movies and spend some true quality time together.

Its a great excuse to make a new tradition, I try to make one for every holiday so that every year can have special events that we do together and can be passed down from generation to generation. I try to make cards that are old fashioned with sparkles and doilies. 

Another fun craft I like to make is heart shaped cardboard covered in peanut butter and then bird seeds, another great way to have your gift count, as well as feed some hungry and cold birdies!

For those that live far away, I get a bit weary of sending handmade cards because you never know how they will be treated! So shutter-fly has some Valentines Day cards, that will be great to send to family and friends that aren't so close!

I wrote this post for a chance to get 20 free shutterfly cards! No cash was received for this review. All the opinions and experiences are my own

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