Thursday, January 13, 2011

Giada De Laurentiis

Is anybody else a fan?

I watch the show, I have her cookbooks and I just love her specials when she goes to italy.

It seems as though we just have the same taste in food.
She makes light italian dishes that are full of color and flavor.

The recipes are not only beautiful and tasteful, but most of the time SIMPLE!

I think I also love Giada because she was born in Rome, and I love all things Italian, shes seems so authentic and really knows how to combine flavors!

She started her career with Wolfgang Puck, then got her own catering company GDL Catering. Her career with the Food Network started in 2002. She now has her own line of cooking oils and products as well as kitchen tools! (I've seen them at Target)

You can catch her on the Food Network a few times a day
Or just grab one of her Cookbooks
Which are available on amazon.

You'll find recipes that feature quality ingredients 
but are full of flavor!

I have a beautiful butternut squash sitting on my counter waiting to make her
I love how she's not afraid to throw some Amaretti Cookies in the mix.
 I was a little weary at first
But the flavor they give to the squash is nothing short of amazing

I also ADORE her recipe for Chicken Florentine,  it comes out SO good, I like to serve it with homemade spinach pasta, I have been also wanting to make that this week.

Her Balsamic Chicken Drumettes are great for kids and serving at parties

If you get the Food Network check out her show or find her on the food

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