Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Resolutions

Its that time again!
New Years is here and its time to start thinking about changing out lives for the better
I have been thinking about these for a while now, since my life has changed a lot in the last twenty days, moving cross country with my daughter, has brought a whole slew of responsibilities that I anticipated, but can't say that I was exactly prepared for. 
I have also gained my family back, I finally have some help watching Annabella and to be honest, its nice to have a break. Its hard to break free from feeling guilty about leaving her with someone else. My mom has been helping me so much and its great; and while I know that most parents have a break every once in a while, I've been having a hard time deciding how much time I can spend away.

So in an effort to stick with them; here are my new years resolutions for 2011:

  1. Exercise: My body looks great right now, I'm not gonna lie, but with that said, I also know how easy it will be to loose the tone in my arms and to get my abs into shape. I am going to try to exercise at least every other day. I want to change up my exercise so I don't get too bored. A healthy mix of the exercise ball, yoga and a little cardio should get me right where I want to be, and hopefully make it into a habit.
  2. Go to School: I want to have a career, yes something besides blogging. I would like to go for something simple, where I can be sure to get a job. Living the last three years having it hard to find a job has made me really want to be able to have something steady. To ensure that my daughter will have a steady life.
  3. Sew: I do sew lots, but I would like to make more of an effort to do it more often. I have more time now to do it and can have my family help watch her while I go to town with my machine. I would like to get an Etsy shop started up again because I loved making clothes for people.
  4. Be comfortable alone: Its hard to be a single mom, especially looking at all these happy families that live in the Blog-o-verse. I have been trying hard to learn how to be a single mommy and not want something different. This year I want to find ways to be happy without help.
  5. Stop Being Angry: Its hard right now not to be angry with Annabella's father for not being what he promised. It seems everyday I find another reason to be angry with him for not being there for us or growing up when it was time to. Its hard to get over and while I haven't found an answer or even an idea of how to do it. This year I really want to be free from feeling bad about his mistakes. So that I can free the other areas of my life from being angry.
  6. Get Back to me: Now that I'm back in CT, I want to return to the happy person that I was before I became isolated in Northern California. I'm going to return to the kind of person that loves people for who they are not what I want them to be. I'm going to get back to all the good friends that I had and almost lost while trying to change myself. 
  7. Organize: I am going to try to be organized this year. Keeping all my important papers in their places and using my calendar to its full potential. Also trying to put all those dirty clothes in their places!
  8. Have Some Fun: For three years my life has been completely about other people. I cooked, cleaned, drove, organized, sewn and shopped for other people. And while I love doing things for other people, I forgot about myself in that process. I became a doormat that I really didn't like which made it hard for me to like myself, This year, I want to remember that I'm important too.
So here's to trying to stick to these and to you trying to stick to yours! Its a New Year and a new beginning. Not to say whats in the past doesn't matter, but we can't change it, so we might as well get over it and start from here.

Happy New Year

What are your resolutions this year?

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  1. Whoa--I think I've missed a great deal as far as your life is concerned! Thinking of you. And as for resolutions, I need to be in anger management right there with you!