Tuesday, January 18, 2011

ECO clean!

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Today I'm going to talk with you about ECO clean

As a mama that tries to be enviromentally friendly, I am always looking for Ecofriendly products that can make my life easier. As well as smell better then the pungent vinegar and water mix that I usually am cleaning everything with.

I really like EcoClean because if you go to Alice.com you can see ALL the ingredients of the products, this is one of my favorite features of EcoClean! I know that I am using a quality product if they aren't afraid to tell me whats in it.

Enter: Ecoclean

A line of great smelling and ecofriendly cleaners that are available ate DUANEreade and Alice.com
I'm a huge fan of DUANEreade, since I was a New Yorker for a little while. I'm glad to see that they are carrying ecofriendly cleaners because when I lived in the city it was always nice to be able to get most of my things there. 

I was sent the EcoClean hand wash, dish wash and glass cleaner. There are lots more products available by EcoClean. The best part is that they all retail for under $5.00! Now thats pocket and eco friendly!

The hand wash in Lavender was delightful. I loved how the lavender scent wasn't overpowering while I washed my hands but I could still smell it when I lathered up and it left a light scent on my hands. I thought that it smelled very clean and light, not like some lavender scents that can seem heavy,

I also liked how after I dried my hands off they didn't seem to be dried out. I attribute this to the hand wash having no alcohol in the formula (you can see whats in ALL the products at Alice.com. I try hard not to buy bath and body products that contain alcohol because often times the alcohol dries out your skin and it defeats the purpose of a moisturizing wash or lotion.

Another thing that I liked about the hand was was that it WORKED! It got my hands feeling super clean even though it didn't have the same amount of suds that other cleaners have!

The Glass Cleaner in white tea and sage wasn't a scent that I normally would have chosen (to be honest I've never tried to get scented glass cleaner) But I loved this scent! I would love to get more of the product in the white tea and sage.

The cleaner has a cap on the top that can make the cleaner foam or spray! I really love the foam feature and the versatility of being able to use foam or just the window cleaner. I wanted to show you just how great the window cleaner works (because myself I tend to be weary of ecofriendly window cleaners)

I had some help!

The window before cleaning, a combination of dog slobber and kid prints.

During, notice the foam that we used to get the tough greasy spots

Its nice to have someone so eager to clean!

She is very pleased with her work!

WOW! What a great job! Okay so maybe I helped Annabella a little bit with the wipe on wipe off feature but still the EcoClean did its job! The window was streak free and had no residue left! It left my house smelling like the wonderful white tea and sage that am newly in love with! 

The final product for review is the Dish Wash in Apple and thyme. I enjoyed this wash, I really liked the shape of the bottle, it was short and squat rather then tall like most soap bottles. I also really liked the control I had over the amount of soap, it has a top like most dish detergents but it seems more secure and leak proof because I didn't end up squeezing too much out of the bottle, maybe because of the shape?

The scent was nice, I really like how they added the thyme to the apple to make it a little less fruity, as I don't really like super fruity smells. I prefer the herbs to the fruits when it comes to scents.

I liked this dish soap, the only complaint that I received (from my mother and grandmother) is that it doesn't have as many suds as they like. I find however that this is a common complaint of ecofriendly products.  Most of the time chemical laden products contain a chemical that makes the soap sud up and therefore leaves the consumer thinking that they get the dishes cleaner because of the bubbles. This is not always the case and personally I don't mind the lack of suds, usually I use the sink method of putting all the dishes in a basin and washing then rinsing them. So lots of suds don't mean that its getting cleaner, it just means it has more of a "sudsing agent" (is that the correct terminology?)

To buy or not to buy

I really loved the window cleaner, I think that I will probably buy another bottle of it when it runs out, the scent was so amazing (in case I haven't told you yet) and the foaming feature really gets those tough greasy fingerprints off!
The hand and dish wash are also great products and I would recommend them to people that are trying to stay ecofriendly, but want their house to smell great as well! I'm a believer in aromatherapy so I like different scents depending on my cleaning job, EcoClean is great for this.
Also you can know exactly what you're getting in your products, which is wonderful for houses with kids!
Its also Affordable!

Where to get it?

To find a DUANEreade in your NYC neighborhood try their store locator

Don't live in the city? You can buy EcoClean from Alice.com

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