Saturday, February 6, 2010

Skirties, and a hat from a Hot Vegan Mama

I LOVE  cafe mom they have everything you could possibly need as a mother. Basicly its a site for moms of all shapes sizes and kinds to come together and discuss all things mom.

I am a member of a few groups one of them is the Diaper Sewing Divas. I have seen many swaps go on, but have questioned how good I would be at making a pair of pants or a diaper for somebody that I don't know (I'm still not sure how well I did). This swap was for Valentine's day Longies!

Hot Vegan Mama outdid herself for sure! Not only did Annabella get a pair of fleece longies they had a skirt attached (I'm told these are called skirties) they had a built in soaker which has helped since Annabella has worn them. And she even made an adorable hat to go with it! I love hats with ears!

Annabella really likes this fabric and tries to eat it often!
Needless to say I will be participating in lots more swaps


  1. YOur daughter gets more beautiful everyday! Don't cut yourself short it appears you are very handy at sewing !

  2. I miss you guys tooooo! Annabella looks so cute in that 'skirties' she is getting big =)! She is still munching on her clothes I see! I am doing well, just sick of still being at home, but I am escaping soon hopefully, to washington. I will come visit soon, did you guys move again?!?! Much love mallory! <3