Friday, February 19, 2010

Julia Child's Boeuf Bourguignon

Oh Boy is it delicious!
Today, that was my mission, it was a long one! I started at about one thirty this afternoon.

It had been the day from hell, 
First I realized that I had sent my package from Crunchy Clean to my old address, it arrived yesterday. So of course I went over to our old house and knocked on the door.......

No answer
So alas, the people who moved to our old house now have a sampler pack containing five scents of Crunchy Clean detergent...... Damn them

Then it was on to get the air purifier, from the Steve Bushemi look-a-like, don't worry though folks, I went in wielding a kunzite crystal 

and my cell phone (hey you never know). And I NEVER doubt the power of a crystal, or the shadiness of some guy from Craigslist

Anyways, back to the Beouf! 

I got the recipe from the ABC website, but there are tons of places to get it from, all of them are the same

I used Gallo Burgundy Wine, mostly I picked it because it was the only other burgundy in the store besides Carlo Rossi, and it was from California, I always try to buy local. (Unless of course its Italian cheese, wine, oil, pasta, tomatoes, okay if its Italian I buy from Italy).... thats besides the point

Originally I was under the impression that Beouf Bourguinon was much like a Pot Rost you know 'Set it and Forget it" No deals, it was a daily event, but with enough time between tasks, that I could tidy the kitchen and keep my dishes done, as is neccesary in our new small house

I was a little confused at the bacon method, and still don't really understand why you simmer it then fry it, but Julia knows!
Here we see the beef and the bacon, after they have been browned

Now we brown the carrot and onion

Simmer in some wine and beef stock, bake for 4 hours.... make sure you have some snacks handy because these four hours are TOUGH!! Especially while you are making mushrooms and onions that smell like heaven!

Onions and Mushrooms

Here is another mushroom picture, I have never had mushrooms taste this good before

Put it all together and simmer, don't worry this last simmer is quick, cook up some egg noodles to pour it on,  you could also start drinking some of that wine that didn't go into the stew!

And there you have it, some nice french bread, some heavy wine and beouf bourguignon! 


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