Friday, February 19, 2010

Chicken Kitchen

I love chickens, we have them at  'the ranch' and I have them in my kitchen, not only on the plate but perching about my kitchen.... I'll show you
I call this my 'chicken shelf' complete with chicken hot pad, chicken wooden bowl and my spice rack. That spice rack was a gift from uncle sean, also you can see my apron, and  mama meryl's healing salve, which works great for burns, and annabella's silver fish cup

A closeup of the chicken spice rack from Uncle Sean, is definetly one of a kind, he got it from eBay, I absolutely love it!
And on my table you can see gilopi the candleabra we found in ventura, my Paula Deen Cookbook Stand I didn't know I needed a cookbook stand till I got one, its wonderful now my cookbooks aren't covered in whatever ingredients are listed on the page! You can also see my chicken cookie jar -thanks mom, currently filled with snickerdoodles, my salt and pepper shakers another gift from mom. And my paper towel holder that I made a few years ago


  1. What happened to Mama Meryl's Healing Salve? I can't get it anywhere. I originally purchased it at Rainbow Foods in San Francisco. Please email me at

    Thank you

  2. I'm looking for that salve too... I suspect Mama Meryl is somewhere near Sonoma because I found another random post from someone there saying it was "local" --- I think I'll check back :)

  3. i have a spice rack in my kitchen and it helped me a lot. i labeled them in order for me to pick the right spices to be use by the time i am going to need it.

  4. I was looking up Mama Meryl's Healing Salve to make sure it was still available and found your blog. I am just finishing radiation therapy for breast cancer and it has been my saving grace for the wonderful, itchy rash that comes with the territory (too bad there's not a font for sarcasm). It's available at Sebastopol Hardware in Sebastopol. I've been blogging about my journey since my 8/23 diagnosis and in hopes that it may help anyone else facing the journey. The link is:

  5. Does anyone kno if Mama Meryl's Healing Salve is still available? I love the stuff and just rediscovered it in a box from a long time ago. haha. I'm praying its still good and usable, but I want to get some more of it. Where can you find it?

    1. Hi there I just posted information about contact info I have on an old jar I purchased years ago. I'm going to attempt to buy more. I hope the info is still valid. Meryl Juniper at 707-824-0640 at 9372 gratin road Sebastopol California 95472

  6. I bought a jar back in 1994 in Sebastopol, CA. On the label is a contact phone number and address. About 1998 I contact a meryl juniper and bought more. I'm going to attempt to buy again. The number is 707-824-0640 and the address is faded but I believe it's 9372 graton road in Sebastopol ca 95472. I'm going to attempt to contact to purchase more. I use it all the time for wounds and scars. Great stuff heals fast and I want to buy fresh jars.

  7. I've been getting my Mams Meryl's Salve at Oliver's here in Santa Rosa lately. Love your blog. Thank you for sharing!