Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pants for Oliwesmom

Well the pants I made for the cafemom swap were received! And too big.... but at least they weren't too small, I used this tutorial to draft my pattern for his longies, it was so easy to make a pattern and it only took me about three hours total to make the pattern and the pants! Here is the little cutie rocking them and chilling on his mama's couch

I thought that the monsters looked like they were giving hugs, hence why I chose this pattern for the valentines swap. It was hard to decide what valentine fabric to get for a boy. I got some extra so I can make a few diapers from this fabric as well.

In other news, moving has been going well, I will post pics soon of my new spot, we have finally settled in and I am so happy to be back in Sebastopol, it takes about 20 minutes to walk downtown and Annabella LOVES her stroller, sometimes I feel strange strolling her around with all the babywearers in this town, but I like having her in the stroller, she weighs a lot more then these other babies!

I'll post more soon. 

Thanks to Oliewesmom for letting me post this pic of her adorable little boy

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