Thursday, February 11, 2010

It ain't easy being green,...... or is it??

Well I think its pretty darn easy, especially since I found this pattern from craftystylish, its a reversible swiffer sock, and its so easy to crochet! It took me about four hours total but I'm a slow crocheter, it slips over the top of the swiffer but unlike the reusable ones that have to be pushed into the holes on the top, this just stays over top because it is crocheted, and therefore it stretches a little.

This side works great as a dustmop, to get all the dusty stuff off while the other side.....
Is a great wet mop, I made this one out of cotton that I got at the Legacy in Sebastopol, so it cost me about 60 cents to make, not bad, I can just throw it in the wash after I use it and its good as new! Pretty green, and they look way cuter then those ugly swiffer rags. 

Here's another one I made out of some acrylic, I got these out of a bag of little yarn balls I got at the legacy, the bag of balls was $1.00,  I can probably make about 6 more out of the bag

I switched colors every two rows for this one

Go ahead, make the pattern! It would be easy to customize it for any of these kinds of mops, 


  1. These look great, I would love one for my swiffer!
    Where is the pattern?

  2. click on the link that says 'this pattern' or go to its the 'reversible swiffer sock"