Saturday, February 13, 2010

Flower Headbands

Annabella is bald, she is starting to grow a little bit of thin hair, but she is still bald. She also wears lots of green, brown and blue. Her car seat and stroller are blue. People often think she is a boy, a beautiful boy, but a boy none the less. I have found myself going along with it when people say "oh he's so cute" I just say thank-you, because I hate talking to strangers

I have seen those flowers that babies wear on their heads, the big obnoxious ones, so I figured "why  not make one?" So I pulled out my scrap yarn from the legacy and heres what we came up with
The first one I made, it fits the best, I made it a good size but it stretches so she'll fit it for a while
This one was the biggest, Ryan picked out the colors, I just safety pin the back of it to make it the size that I want
This one is my favorite, she seems to like it to, it is also a little bit big, I like the flower the best on this one I used really think yarn

I plan to post a tutorial  for these soon

In other news, annabella has a cold, she is keeping her spirits up, but was up coughing last night, clear fluids and no fever, I have been giving her hepar sulf from my  Hyland's Kids' Kit, Anybody who has kids or is around kids I would reccomend this kit, it has gas tablets, teething tablets, cranky tablets, cold tablets, fever tablets, arnica tablets and bruise ointment. I use it almost everyday for annabella when she has a problem it looks like this  Kid's Kit w/ Brochure and we got it down in LA at a health food store, but you can get it on amazon.

As for now annabella is snoring away on the couch and I'm glad she's sleeping, I'm gonna get some chest rub for her at whole foods today, hopefully this will help

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