Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Bra Search

When we were younger, my best friend and I wanted nothing more ...... then boobs. We would search for whatever bra would push and squish them into a larger form. And it worked, as I look back on those photos I think... where is my body going!  We were tiny, we didn't have butts much less breasts. But we tried, wearing tube tops and halters to our hearts delight...... Those cute bras, lacey, pink, push up bras, they were oh so cute. Looking something like this
I.D.Sarrieri Pearl Haute Couture Chantilly Lace Triangle Bra 32D
  I literally laughed out loud at the thought of me in this bra, the ad says that this lady is a 32 D (yea right) I guess though, maybe if I had the money for a $284 bra, I'd probably have the money for the body

 But we wished and wished for the real things. My mother warned us 'You don't want them!" We ignored her

we got our wish

Heather and I now have some of the biggest breasts in our group of friends. 
In order Heather, Katie, Mommypants-pre mommy
This was probably 5 years ago 

Now for a while, it okay, my girls were perky, voluptuous, and both almost the same size.

Fast Forward a few years

They were lovely while I was pregnant, my dresses barely held them in, they stayed in a great spot, and wear and the shelf bras in my maternity bras worked fine for my full breasts

And the first few months were great, my breasts stayed full of milk.

The only issue I had was Mastitis, twice, don't get me wrong it was aweful, I felt like I was going to die, top that with having a newborn. It was hard, I mostly blame it on not enough rest right after the baby was born. We lived so far away from town that I had to be driving back and forth to doctors and lactation consultants. 

Also I was finally back to not having a huge belly, personally I'm a much bigger fan of the baby then the belly, 7 pounds is a lot easier then 20 (who knew in 6 months I'd be back to carrying around 20!)

For the last six months I have lived in this bra from motherhood maternity
Motherhood Maternity: Light Support Nursing Sleep Bra
mine is tan. 

And when I tell you 'lived in' I mean that I wear that bra 5 days out of seven (it has to get washed)

The other bra that I have is this one
Motherhood Maternity: Medium Support Soft Cup No Wire Nursing Bra
mine is black
the problem with this bra, is that the sides don't fit right, they are WAY too big

The lady at motherhood told me that I am a 34 D, well great, if you ever try to look for a 34 D in a reasonably priced store, you'll probably come up with two of these
Lilyette Women's One Marvelous Minimizer® - 811,Latte With Ivory,34DD
well, thats lovely, until I put it on, and its got under wire..... 

Under-wire is like handcuffing your boobs

So I have decided to brave the world of internet bra shopping

I searched cafemom but most of those ladies recommend pricey stores, or motherhood maternity.

My search continued

I searched for 'sexy nursing bra'

I liked this one by HOTmilk 
But, when I looked for it and found, it it cost $43.00 . 
I can't wear it everyday

Who knows if that would even fit though? It looks like it would, but I watch America's Next Top Model, I know all about all those castings that they do to find the perfect fit

Loved this bra:
by la leche league, but the sizing...
it says
S/M (32-34-36 A/B)
L/XL (36-38-40 C/D)

so what am I supposed to do with that??

These days the right one is a 34 D?  The left side, probably more of a C.
Valentine's Day, You'll notice my D

After Annabella's lunch... they go down a size, or at least get floppy!

So I spent the better half of today looking for bras.

I think I did it.

They are a Green, mom owned company, based out of Canada, that really knows what they are doing

The first thing I saw on the homepage was a box of Godiva Chocolates.. it told me I could win them...
Well that scores a point

I entered, I did not however enter any friends, but for everybody you get an extra entry... 

Now for the best part, the bras

The Original Design Bra
Does that not look like the most wonderful bra in the world?

Oh not yet??
its a cotton bamboo blend

Oh now you want it..
me too

Now for the sizing.
They have 12 sizes

S (B)
S+ (C-D)
S++ (DD-F)
M (B-C)
M+ (D-DD)
M++ (DD-G)
L (C-D)
L+ (DD-E)
L++ (E-G)
XL (C-D)
XL+ (DD-E)
XL++ (E-G)

SMALL PLUS!! I have never seen this before, It seems like the perfect size for fluctuating boobies! This seems too good to be true!

seems that it would be almost impossible to not find a bra in the right size.
The Classic in bamboo is only $35!

They have 8 other bra styles on the website, all of them looking more comfy then any of the bras that I have seen on other sites, and they aren't ugly! 

They also have nursing tank tops and a shrug, 
Yes, a tank in Bamboo! 

I want it. I need it! Unfortunetly, my budget isn't allowing for a tank top. Maybe someday........

They also have underwear, the original bikini comes in a two pack on sale right now for only $16!

Also they carry a breastfeeding DVD and breast pads

The site is easy to navigate and had lots of information about breastfeeding!

I had to write to customer service, because I couldn't get the sizing to work on the bra that I tried to order, I am hoping that I get an e-mail back from them tomorrow, as its not till pretty late that i get to do any internet shopping. 

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  1. I have to say, this post definitly made me smile! and your mom was right! at least your semi lucky- with only a d. I guess i wished way way way harder then you bc, well you know they are huuuge! Anywhoo, I found an aweeeeesome bra site through Google, ill get back to you with the name but they are good and they have weiiird sizes like 30 C and 32DDD- never heard of that before but they got it and all sorts of other sizes! they range from 30-150. Oh and theres a woman on etsy I found too, ill get you that later. She is aweseome and customizes bras for you with the coolest patterns.