Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How Does my Garden Grow

Its been just two months since this post
where I showed you all the plants that I have been putting in pots outside

Most are doing very well

My sugar snap peas get the most compliments
I love the pea flowers, they remind me of tiny orchids

However, follow a little bit further down the peas and you'll find

Thats right something has been eating my PEAS!

Its no question who, Snails have been going to town on my poor peas.
At night I go on snail hunts, 
I remove the snails and then smash them on my driveway.

Don't tell PETA

Its satisfying, but I can't kill all of the snails

So I set a trap two days ago

I dug a hole, stuck a glass inside, and filled it halfway with beer
so far no new snails
not that I've caught any.
I sent a tweet to Martha Stewart asking her what to do.
No response

My lettuce however,
is doing wonderful

I was pretty nervous about growing lettuce

But I think I'm doing alright

I harvested the outer leaves on all the lettuce plants for a yummy salad last night

Also I have been growing Red Celery

This is also a new one for me

I'm really pleased with the celery

All my plants are grown organically, this is what I use to make my garden grow

  • Compost Tea; a friend of mine told me that this stuff will save anything, so far its proven very true, I can remember an almost dead tree at an old house of ours that I put Compost tea on about once a week, it came back to life in about two months. Compost tea is basicly compost and a bunch of different manures, brewed into a tea. Its smelly but it works. This is the best natural boost for your garden, You can get a Compost Tea Brew Kit made by Bountea and brew it yourself. Some garden shops brew the tea and sell it by the gallon to customers. I'm sure there are lots of D.I.Y. tutorials for a brewer on the internet.
  • Fish Poop; this stuff STINKS, well at first it stinks, after a while I started to like the smell of it, because it works! It has so many nutrients that your plants need that they don't normally find in the soil because they are nutrients found in the sea.
  • SUPERthrive - this stuff is amazing, I use it when I transplant a plant to a new pot, or if I trim a lot off a plant. 

I hope that this helps some of you gardeners out there, or some of you beginner gardeners.  Just a note that Miracle Grow is very unnatural, and contains lots of hazardous chemicals. I don't use it on anything, any chemicals that you use leach into your soil. 

The Future of Food

is a great movie to check out about organic eating


  1. I missed your first blog of when you planted. Did you do seeds at all or all ready grown plants? I am hoping to start a veggie garden once we get to move home for good in a few months.

    I'm allergic to corn, and a lot of places use sprays with corn to preserve their veggies to ship to the grocery stores, so organic will be the way to go for me as well. If you have any good tips for a beginning gardner, I would love to hear them :)

  2. Thanks for the tips. I've never grown any veggies but I'm hoping to try tomatoes in pots this summer.

  3. Your garden is TOTALLY giving me the planting bug! I am just glad it is not giving me snails :)