Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Life is too short

 I was reading this post from twitter moms,  they asked; "What do you think Life is too short for?":

I think life is to short to worry about having a spotless house; there are things to do and people to see, and if you worry about the floor being swept everyday then you are going to forget about whats important. You're sweeping the floor and life is passing you by. Its nice to have every dish be clean, but after diner sit down and enjoy how wonderful it is just to be full and spending time with the people that you love (and listen to them tell you how good diner was).  Its okay to have some clutter (if you can deal with it) never underestimate the power of throwing everything into a closet so that you can have some calm. You can always go back through it later. Sometimes I feel it helps me if I pile everything in a closet, then go through it as I have time. Its not in my way, and my house (at least the living room) looks neat.  My bedroom is the place where most of my mess ends up because I can close the door, and the mess magically disappears.

I wrote this post for a chance to win a copy of Lisa Quinn's new book
Life is Too Short to Fold Fitted Sheets: Your Ultimate Guide to Domestic Liberation            

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