Wednesday, May 26, 2010

An answer for the vacation bug

Vacation bug asked me a great question on my post five must have fashion pieces  and I thought that everyone would use the advice 

vacation bug said...

we'll be having a grand reunion in cancun at the El Cid Vacation Club. i wanted to wear a 2pc swimsuit, but my boyfriend won't let me. UGH. what's the most fashionable cover up do you advice I wear? thanks
Well vacation bug, I have to go with Tunics! They are SO functional, go with something a little long, and you can wear it as a beach cover up, a dress for nightime, AND a shirt with jeans here are a few examples.. I LOVE this flower tunic by chuon sho, you can see how great it looks with her jeans and also how cute it would be alone.


  1. I wish I could fit into those clothes. The one from Victoria Secret is so pretty!

  2. this is great! perfect solution. you guys are awesome!