Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ergo Review!

I got an ERGO baby carrier!

Thats right folks, my wish was granted by my Mama and my Best friend
Its AMAZING, I regret to say that the beautiful wrap and ring sling that I made myself haven't left their hangers.

But I'm sure they understand, probably glad for the vacation.

TheERGO baby carrier arrived less then a week from the time that my mom sent it to me, I live in Northern California, the carrier was sent from Washington, but still, this is very quick shipping.

I instantly got to the car and opened the box, which it says is made from recycled materials. I really liked how there was not excess unnecessary packaging. Inside was the carrier, an instruction book, and a envelope with business cards. I read the instruction book, and the instructions were simple and explained with pictures.

I had a trip to the grocery store to make so I used my ergo, it was easy to figure out, and quick to put on, simple to adjust. And OH MAN was in comfy! Annabella seemed very comfortable, and I really like the size of the pocket on the front,  plenty of room for my wallet (which is the long style), cell phone, lip balm, hand cream, and I could fit a lot more in there.

So far, I have used both the back and front carry positions, I have a weird back with a little bit of a twisty  curve to it (thank goodness for my Yoga teacher), so I'm not in any hurry to try the hip position. Annabella seems very comfortable in both positions, I like how easy it is to know that she's in the right position, and it doesn't slip like my wrap tended to do. I love how it feels like a backpack. No straps digging into my shoulders.

I mostly used the back carry while we were camping, This carry is easy to get into, I like that it is easy to get on and that I don't have to fidget with anything or have the baby wobble on my back, its easy to make sure her feet are in the right spot and then slide the other arm strap on, it feels very secure. I never was able to master a back carry while wearing Annabella  because she would always be scared on my back, with the ERGO baby carrier its easy.

The biggest benifit of this carrier is that Daddy will wear it. We love going to outdoor events. Especially concerts, at events like these I like keeping Annabella close for a few reasons
  • safety
  • to make sure her earplugs stay in
  • to make sure that I can hear her
  • they don't always allow strollers in venues
  • its hard to maneuver a stroller through a crowd of people
We have yet to be to a concert, but I can tell already that it won't be a problem keeping Annabella close.

I am really looking forward to getting a  fanny pack  for the Ergo. I think that it will be nice and I will be able to keep everything that I need in there for longer day trips

Overall, I love it, but I'm sure you can tell that already
Get your own 

This review was written by me I was not given any compensation for this review, the carrier was a gift from my mother and best friend . This review is my honest opinion.

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