Tuesday, May 25, 2010

5 Must-have Fashionable Pieces to Pack for Every Weekend Trip.

I'm going through pictures from mom's trip, and I should have a great post up soon!! But in the meantime. I thought I would share some fashion tips in hopes to help out my readers, and hopefully get a gift card! For more info head over to the discussion page! Its simple to pack a small bag that has all the essentials that you need for a weekend, if you have the right items in your cloest

  1. Kariza wrap skirt: I scored one of these for $35 on my trip to North Carolina, I still haven't perfected all 120 ways that the company claims I can wear the skirt ( it comes with a brochure that shows you 15) There are still plenty of options for a weekend, even if you just flip the skirt around and wear it for two days. The prints are beautiful Indian silks. They fit every body type, and are SO comfy to wear! I can't tell you enough how much I love my Kariza wrap
  2. Bathing Suit: I guess that if you are going somewhere without a pool you don't need this, but you never know who is going to have a hot tub! I never go anywhere without my suit. Make it  Tankini, and you can double the swim top as a shirt for the day!
  3. Simple White or Black tank top: I go with black, because I have a hard time keeping things clean, but a white or black top is classic enough to go out in, and simple enough to pair with jeans, grab one from Glamor mom. And it can double as nursing wear!
  4. Small Bag: Bring one that is large enough to fit some cash and important cards, I love this one, fit it in your weekender bag so that you only have to carry one bag at a time! Just fill it from the car or hotel room! 
  5. Jean Jacket: You can never fail with this, they are light enough to wear when weather gets warm, but can be paired with a hoodie if you need some extra padding.  You could even liven up a plain old jean jacket with some pretty embroidery
I hope you can use these on your next weekend trip, I bring all of these in me everywhere in a bag in the car just in case I happen to need to be away for the weekend!

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  1. we'll be having a grand reunion in cancun at the El Cid Vacation Club. i wanted to wear a 2pc swimsuit, but my boyfriend won't let me. UGH. what's the most fashionable cover up do you advice I wear? thanks