Friday, May 14, 2010

10 ways to be fashionable on a Budget

I am a cheapskate to say the least, I hate spending money on things that I can do myself, or for less. So here are some tips that I use.
  1. Frizzy Hair out of control? Use some lotion, just a bit, rub it into your hands so its liquidy then rub in your hair to turn your mess into the best!
  2. Clothing Swap: Sick of your wardrobe? Chances are you aren't the only one, organize a clothing swap with some mamas in your area
  3. Goodwill: You'd be surprised what great finds you can get at thrift shops!
  4. Leggings: you can dress them up, dress them down, or use them to workout, perfect for days when you are in a hurry, ultra slimming.
  5. reuse. shirt too short? Add more fabric on the bottom!
  6. Lookville: This site is great! Post a picture of your outfit online and get advice from the masses for free! Never worry whether an outfit is too much!
  7. Say goodbye to expensive "quick dry top-coat" run your nails under icy cold water and it will help to set your color!
  8. Aprons!: Make some out of scrap fabric they always look nice over jeans, and they will save your clothes from getting stained!
  9. Craigslist I have found some amazing deals in the clothing sections! People who wear expensive clothes, buy lots of clothes
  10. COUPONS!: My Nana always had coupons for department stores, look in the newspaper for great deals. 
Those are my tips! I hope they help! Check out the twitter moms discussion, to find more great tips!

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  1. GREAT IDEAS. I'm gonna check out lookvill, it sounds interesting but I think they'll get sick of my work uniform everyday.

    I'm presenting you with an award for your greatness and blogginess (if that is a word). Go to Desperate for Coffee to check it out once you have the chance. It's not just another blogger award, there's some thought in it too!!!

  2. Thanks so much for those tips! I never knew that about the cold water. Thanks for stopping by too :o)