Monday, May 3, 2010


This weekend we went on Annabella's first camping trip!

The Ribs I made for the first night were AMAZING, even better then the last ones
I got lots of complements including a few 'best ribs I ever had' 

So I've decided to start making my own BBQ sauce, not that I have any idea how to make it, but I would love to do one of those Food Network Challenges with ribs. I'm pretty sure I could win, if I could only come up with the best sauce.

Back to Camping
We discovered a few of these guys, must be time to molt shells

A few hours later I saw him again, good job buddy!

Annabella loved looking at all the trees and wildlife

We saw lots of butterflies

Camping in the redwoods is such a neat experience, Everything is so big!

This was Annabella's first time trying out her Graco Pack 'n Play Playard  for anything besides sleeping. She didn't seem to mind it too much.

I got my ERGO carrier just in time for the weekend and it was  LIFESAVER. I used the back carry position a lot, it freed up my hands to do whatever, and yes, Ryan used it too! It was so nice to have  a break!

Annabella loved looking at the campfire

Annabella was an angel all weekend, she seemed to really enjoy being with all her friends and family. I can't wait to take our next trip

Annabella is pretty excited too

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  1. what fun! Love your bloggy home, too! Your daughter is adorable! Glad camping went well! :)